15AUG21 // 1130Z | The Indian Independence Day Celebration @ VIDP

can i using Air India B77W?

Which route would you like to choose?

I am doing VIDP -OPKC

Event update !

  • New signups can feel free to join the event with any available gate as it is too late and assigning a gate in the thread will be of no point.

  • @NayanNair please spawn at any available gate to join the event ;)

  • @ali_mujeeb feel free to use any of the specified aircraft to attend the event.

Enjoy the event!

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Any Idea which runway to be used for landing in VABB? current METAR shows all runways green (open)

Use 27 then

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The runways now changed to 14 and 09 (in use) so I’ll file 09 for now…

27 is Used currently IRL

got it! thank you

Generally R27 is used IRL. However, when the wind demands, R09 Is used occasionally.

If windspeed <10knots, ATC can take a call & set in ATIS.

R14-32 can also be used if wind direction necessitates. AFAIK both runways are usually not used concurrently.

I have filed for R09, but will check on coming closer, if there is a change & amend the FPL accordingly.

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I’ll favour 27 while controlling. If the winds pick up beyond 10kts from the east, I’ll open 09. TAF doesn’t anticipate that though.

This is correct. Both runways are never in use simultaneously. It becomes very inefficient. 27 is the favoured runway, usually, IRL.

Check the tutorial below:


No ATC yet at VABB. Wondering whether to wait before amending flight plan from 09 to 27.

@CaptainSooraj , since you’re the ATC for VABB, should we change to R27 for landing?

Changed to R27 for landing.

If possible, can you please have 09 for arrivals. It makes an amazing approach from the sea

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Ok. Changing my FPL back again to 09. But ATC has the final say on this.

R09 it is. We have approach controller + ATIS active.

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Hey, so @Harsh_kumar opened VABB GTS before I could lol. Follow his instructions :)


Enjoy APPR and GTS guys! Courtesy of @Varunsehdev and @Harsh_kumar 😄


Sorry brother

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I liked the angle. Excuse me for posting here


Sorry guy I couldn’t attend due to wrok

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