15AUG20 / 1900Z The London City Flyout @EGLC


This is the LCY/EGLC fly out, and make sure to join fast before it’s too late! LCY is one of the smaller and most convenient airports in London, but is usually more expensive then the others due to it’s location. LCY/EGLC has many flights throughout Europe, and even a flight to JFK connecting in Shannon! I will be assigning gates, so just tell me what gate you would like, and I will reserve it for you. It will be fun to see such a small alt airport to be full. Anyway, I hope you can join, and have fun!

Server: Training Server
Airport: EGLC
Time *This event will take place at 1900Z on August 15th: 2020-08-15T19:00:00Z


Ground: @AGSilver_04

Tower: @AGSilver_04

Departure: @Mukundan_Srivatsa

Approach: @Mukundan_Srivatsa

Commercial Gates

GATE 1 - British Airways E190 to Edinburgh(EGPH): @Finn-14

GATE 2 - British Airways E190 to Belfast City(EGAC): @KBUR_Aviation

GATE 3 - British Airways E190 to Munich(EDDM):

GATE 4 - British Airways E190 to Ibiza(LEIB):

GATE 5 - British Airways E190 to Málaga(LEMG): @emirates123123

GATE 6 - British Airways E190 to Milan(LIMC): @Finley_Skaggs

GATE 7 - British Airways E190 to Dublin(EIDW):

GATE 8 - British Airways E190 to Frankfurt(EDDF): @JayIOM

GATE 9 - British Airways E190 to Rotterdam(EHRD):

GATE 10 - LOT E170 to Vilnius(EYVI):

GATE 11 - LOT E170 to Warsaw(EPWA):

GATE 12 - LOT E170 to Budapest(LHBP):

GATE 13 - KLM E190 to Amsterdam(EHAM): @Dweeam

GATE 14 - Luxair Dash-8 Q400 to Luxembourg(ELLX): @Swiss56yt

GATE 21 - Lufthansa Regional CRJ-900 to Frankfurt(EDDF): @Juhujo

GATE 22 - British Airways A318-100 to New York(KJFK) via Shannon(EINN): @reer104

GATE 23 - Swiss Airlines A319-100 to Geneva(LSGG): @Saeed_Dalvie

GATE 24 - Swiss Airlines A319-100 to Zurich(LSZH): @Vishark107

General Aviation

GA STAND 15 - Private SR22 to Kenley(EGKN):

GA APRON 1 - N1322K Cessna 172 to Rushett Farm Chessington(EG86):

GA APRON 2 - F-HATZ Cessna 172 to Eastchurch(EGX6): @nativetoalaska

GA APRON 3 - Steveo1kinevo - N851TB TBM-930 to Aldernay(EGJA):

Note: This event takes place in Training Server, but please follow ATC and follow proper flying procedures. In the case off the active runway being 27, please have only 1 person on the runway at a time. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have fun!

“Trailer”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrGqb3Qa0y4&t=2s


Bit too early for me, hope it goes well!

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Sorry ppl in the Oceania region.

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Can I have gate one to Edinburgh please :)

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Yep! And congrats on being the first person to sign up! :)

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Hooray ! Thank you 😁😂

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May i still join?

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Yep. The event is in 9 days. Just choose a gate and i’ll sign you up :)

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thanks ill take gate 3 please

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Done. You’re all signed up! Can’t wait to see you there :)

Thanks i cant wait

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can i have gate 22 pls

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All signed up! Hope to see you there :)

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thanks! you too, awesome to see another person from BUR on the IFC :)

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yep! However it’s been almost a year since i’ve flow out of BUR. 20 more days, and it’s a year :(

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Also, can I talk to you about SWVA in PM’s?

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Oof, my last flight was into BUR about 2 weeks ago, SWA from DEN. u should def try and do a flight out of there again some time.

Sure thing! feel free to PM :)

I would like that there

GATE 14 - Luxair Dash-8 Q400 nach Luxemburg (ELLX):
thank you

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All signed up! See you there :)

I’m glad!

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