15AUG20 / 1700Z- The Grand Canyon Tour! @KPGA-KHND (ENDED)

The Grand Canyon Tour!

New event time is at 2020-08-16T16:00:00Z!

Welcome to my first event! Let me know how you like this by voting in the poll below or PMing me!

About the Grand:

The Grand Canyon is over 4 million years old and home to some of the world’s most impressive geological formations and not only just rocks, but a diverse ecosystem of mammals and 447 species of birds. Every year an estimated 5.7 million people visit this National Park to view the 6000 foot drop down. A few will venture down the trails to see more of the canyon. And even fewer make it to the bottom, where Phantom Ranch and the Colorado River reside. And a tiny inkling will make the trek rim-to-rim! Farther out, there is Desert View and the famous Skywalk! There is a lot to see, and we’ll see it up close in Infinite Flight.
Learn more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Canyon

Flight Details: This is in multiple sections as there are multiple sections to the flight, a group PM will be sent out with more details.

1. Marble Canyon

We will take off from KPGA in TBM’s and form up north of the Hoover dam. We will then head south and as close as we can to the walls Marble Canyon, the north part of the Grand. After, we will climb out and fly in formation over the west Grand Canyon.

This is how close we are getting to the walls of the canyon!

2. Formation flight

After navigating the walls of Marble Canyon we approach the photography paradise of Arizona. We’ll fly in formation and shoot some picture’s to take home.

3. Indian Gardens Landing Competition

Here’s the main attraction! A landing competition directly below Grand Canyon village on a plateau near Indian Gardens, a waypoint/campground before continuing into the canyon. I have provided a helpful photo to explain.

Aircraft will first identify the village right above the landing spot. Then circle down and approach near Indian garden’s (Green) on the left side (Red) Be careful! The landing spot is deceptively long. After landing the aircraft will pull off to the side. (Blue) The winner is the one with the smoothest landing. But it will be a test of skill as the straight is only so long, so pilots will need the perfect balance and approach to win.
Rules: 2 crashes only, respawns at KGCN. If they do not successfully land they will be out of the competition.

4. Lake Mead acrobatics:

Once we reach Lake Mead, we’ll take a break and relax in the sun a bit by doing some loop-de-loops and barrel rolls, maybe a TBM dogfight?

5. Henderson Executive (KHND)

After Lake Mead we will head to Las Vegas and land at KHND, spot’s at KHND are on a first come first serve basis. Congratulations! You have toured the entire Grand Canyon!

Parking (KPGA):

As far as that goes. There is plenty! I’ll make an attendee list and assign a hangar / tiedown as needed! Keep in mind the TBM is the mandatory aircraft.


@GreenFire at GA Hangar 37 (TBM)
@AviationFreak at GA Hangar 36 (TBM)
@IF787 at GA Hangar 35 (TBM)
@Jesse_Clark at GA Hangar 34 (TBM)

Other Information

Summary: Fly over and land in the Grand Canyon! Starting in Page and ending at Henderson Executive.

Server: Casual

Airport: KPGA / Page Municipal – KHND / Henderson Executive

Time: 2020-08-15T17:00:00Z2020-08-15T19:30:00Z


  • Although this is on casual. Callsigns must be appropriate. People with inappropriate callsigns will be asked to leave the event.

  • The risk of crashing into terrain is quite high. Be careful. If you do. Spawn at the nearest airport and catch up.

  • TBM’s are the only allowed aircraft, any livery except generic is ok.

  • Spawn in 10 minutes before the event start.

What do you think about this event?

  • It’s normal. Nothing special.
  • This is a terrible idea.
  • This is a great idea!

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This looks great! I’ll let you know of I can come in the future.

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Well, I’m not joking but I’m about 10 miles from the North rim of the Grand Canyon currently camping! This looks so amazing and fun and I wanna come so bad but the date is on my second day back to school. So I sadly cannot.

Can I take a gate, I might not be able to join but I’ll see

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Edit: I’m changing the event date to the 15th of AUG to comply with event rules. Let me know @AviationFreak and @Brody_Swiatek if you will then be able to attend. That’s on a Saturday so It should be good for most people.

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I have a higher chance of being able to join now but there’s still a slight possibility that I might not.

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I’ll get you a spot. :)

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Perfect! I can make it then!

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I’ll sign you up @AviationFreak!

We still got gates y’all! Come in and sign up, see you there!

Let’s see if we can get some attention for this one!

Hey, could you sign me up please! :)

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Sounds fun, count me in!
Ill try to stay to the end, but I might have to leave a little early

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Can I come

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I’ll come, looks amazing

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The event is tomorrow at 2020-08-14T17:00:00Z. Spot’s will be open until 15 minutes beforehand.

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3 hour’s out! Spot’s still open!

As we approach the start time. Where would YOU like to see the next event? Choose one option.

  • Scenic Alaska bush flight
  • African safari flight
  • Australian outback out and back

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Spawn in now!

Be ready to go!

I’ve included a vote in the chat, if you are coming to to event please vote. We have postponed.