15AUG20 / 1500Z - SHowing Support For Beirut! @ OLBA


As many of you have heard Beirut, Lebanon has been rocked by an explosion which the cause is unknown at this time. I felt that it is our job to show support for the city of Beirut and Lebanon as a whole. This event is my way of showing my respect and my way of spreading awareness to help Beirut. In this event we will depart from Beirut and draw a heart then we will fly around the country of Lebanon. You may fly any aircraft besides General Aviation aircraft.

I would add pictures but I feel that they are to disturbing to add.

Server: Expert

Name Aircraft Livery

@Delta18 A321 Middle East Airlines
@NFG_Daniel A321 Middle East Airlines

Gates No gates will be assigned just spawn at any open gate.

Airport: OLBA-OLBA

Time: 2020-08-15T15:00:00Z

I hope you are able to come and show support for Beirut!


Can I sign up for this? Im Using A321 Middle East Airline.

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Of course see you there!

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