15AUG20 / 0135Z - Continuing Regional Hops Around Arizona! @KPHX-KNYL

American CRJ-700

KPHX-KYUM. I will make the FPL

0135Z or 2020-08-15T01:35:00Z

Expert Server

Join me again as we continue on another regional hop around Arizona!

Cruise at FL270 or 27,000 feet at 280KTS. Flight time will be around 40 minutes

Hope to see you there!


Sounds fun, I’ll be there

I’ll Join too

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Awesome! Thanks for coming!

You too @Dweeam

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Any specific gates we should spawn at?

Oh yeah, let me get that. One moment…

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Alright, the gates that are circled are the ones we will use

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Sounds good

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I’ll be there 👍

I cant find it on Infinite flight map

Type into the search bar “KPHX”

No i ment kyum

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I didn’t see kyum either

I think it is called KNYL

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Ah crap. It’s KNYL I’m sorry everyone

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Thats the nearest big one

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Yep, my bad everyone. It’s an unusual ICAO

I think infinite flight got it wrong

Yeah that’s weird. Looks like it’s an International Airport and a Marine Corps Air Station?

Yeah, Yuma used to be a Military base in WWII (I’m pretty sure)

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