15APR21 / 1700Z - Iberia Virtual Presents: Barcelona Fly-Out @ LEBL


Welcome everyone to our second event, hosted by Iberia Virtual, let’s fly through Spain!
Join us in an amazing Fly-Out that will take place on Josep Taradellas International Airport, Barcelona Airport. Join us and enjoy an ATC covered event.

Event Information

HUB Airport: Josep Taradellas International Airport (LEBL)
Server: Expert Server
Date: 2021-04-11T18:00:00Z

Flight Information

  • We strongly recommend the use of FPLtoIF to create your Flight Plan.
  • Please check ATIS frequency and follow all ATC instructions if present.
  • Be gentle when pushing back, if no ATC is present.
  • Finally, make sure you have enough fuel ;)

Feel free to contact our Events Manager @Andres, if you don’t know how to use FPLTOIF, he’ll be happy to assist you!

Staff and pilots are encouraged to use the following charts to plan their departure:

LEBL Charts

Below you can search for assigned gates, please check your assigned gate and ensure you spawn at the correct gate on the day of the event. We kindly ask that pilots spawn 10 minutes before departure.

Ask for your gate below!

Airline Aircraft Destination GATE - Terminal 1 PILOT
Iberia CRJ 1000 Burgos (LEBG) Terminal 1 - 224
Iberia Airbus A321 Madrid (LEMD) Terminal 1 - 228 @nicopizarro
Iberia CRJ 1000 León (LELN) Terminal 1 - 232
Iberia CRJ 1000 Badajoz (LEBZ) Terminal 1 - 236
Iberia Airbus A321 Valencia (LEVC) Terminal 1 - 240
Iberia Airbus A321 Bilbao (LEBB) Terminal 1 - 224
Iberia Airbus A321 Vigo - Peinador (LEVX) Terminal 1 - 244
Iberia Airbus A321 Santiago de Compostela (LEST) Terminal 1 - 247
Iberia Airbus A321 A Coruña (LECO) Terminal 1 - 224
Iberia Airbus A321 Asturias (LEAS) Terminal 1 - 250
Iberia CRJ 1000 Santander (LEXJ) Terminal 1 - 254
Iberia Airbus A321 Alicante (LEAL) Terminal 1 - 258
Iberia CRJ 1000 Almeria (LEAM) Terminal 1 - 262
Iberia Airbus A321 Granada (LEGR) Terminal 1 - 266
Iberia Airbus A321 Malaga (LEMG) Terminal 1 - 270
Iberia Airbus A321 Seville (LEZL) Terminal 1 - 274
Iberia Airbus A321 Jerez (LEJL) Terminal 1 - 278
Iberia CRJ 1000 Mahon (LEMH) Terminal 1 - 284 @Andres
Iberia CRJ 1000 Palma de Mallorca (LEPA) Terminal 1 - 288
Iberia CRJ 1000 Ibiza (LEIB) Terminal 1 - 292

Take a look to our thread with all our information here:

Apply Here!

On behalf of everyone at Iberia Virtual, we thank you for taking a look at our event. To join us and be part of a professional and friendly pilot team, please fill out the form on this link or visit our Website to learn more about us.
Alternatively, you can email us at contact.iberiavirtual@gmail.com

Iberia Virtual is in no way affiliated with the real world Iberia Airlines in any way.


Great event, Andrés! Sign me up for any gate please :)


Now enjoy Barcelona!

I’ll take this gate!

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Iberia Virtual is grateful for Drummer for reopening our event

We invite everyone to join us at LEBL.

Remember that this Thursday our Hubs (Madrid and Barcelona ) will be hosted by the ATC Schedule!


|Iberia|Airbus A321|Alicante (LEAL)|Terminal 1 - 258
I’ll take this gate if you don’t mind.