152,000 ft

Has anyone ever been higher on IF?

By flying upwards.


F-22 full throttle

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I think my record is 147,___ feet. I can’t remember the last 3 digits but I can’t find the picture either

Flight level 500 for me

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Was it intentional? Mine wasn’t

What’s AN94?

Pretty sure he’s using it as a signature, but the admins wish that users do not use signatures because it distracts from the original topic, and everyone can see who you are anyway. Write it in your bio!


Oh I’ve been using it to show other users my call sign so they see me in flight.

Alpha November 94 ill remember that!

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@Louis_Cochran in your profile there is a place to put your callsign

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If you want to put it on your profile. Click on your profile image on the top right of your web page and click preferences. Scroll down a little bit until you see callsign and you can then put your callsign there

Highest I’ve ever flown was 120,000. :(

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Highest I’ve ever flown was 60-70,000 feet in a military aircraft. I’m gonna try to go higher because of this chat.

My record is 56,____ , F-14 Vertical Takeoff.

Pics or it didn’t happen, just sayin’


Hahahahaha :joy:

Mine is 40,000 ft. in a 757-200 :joy:

Awesome will do that soon

Mine 36,000ft/777-300