1500NM Flight

Hey all
who want to join me a 1500 Nautical miles or more flight?
We will depart from KMDW and Land at KORD this Sunday at 1500Z
Expert server

we will be at FL380 WITH SPEED OF 0.85 Mach

this is not an Event, it is just a flight(group flight)

How do you go between regions?

Leave and respawn at the edge of the next region and continue flight

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Don’t fly between regions. It confuses ATC, as you are marked as unknown to them.


How do you plan to get between regions?

Oops I meant Chicago midway
Sorry guys

When is it ?

Sunday 1500Z

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I shall be there (most likely)

What exactly is Mach I don’t get it.

Mach 1 is the speed of sound so it’s another measurement of speed. So Mach .50 is half the speed of sound.

Is this an event?

This is an event. Please repost in the #live:events category with the correct details and title.

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