15 years after 9/11 @ KJFK - 111800ZSEP16

Hello guys,

15 years ago, the United States was struck with the worst terror attack in its history. 19 hijackers took over 4 planes, two from American Airlines, and two from United. 3,000 people perished that day, and many more died in later years due to fume inhalation of the fallen World Trade Center buildings. The waking city of New York was first struck when two planes, United 175, and American 11, flew into the World Trade Center Twin Towers by 9:00AM, where brave firefighters even risked lives to save people from this attack. Then, the United States federal building, the Pentagon was struck by American 77, killing 125. The fourth and final flight, United 93, consisted of the passengers overrunning the hijackers and ditching the plane in a Pennsylvania field, where everyone died onboard, but nobody on the ground was killed.

This event will honor the bravery of everyone who helped others during this time of struggle, and it will respect the fallen as well.

It is recommended United Airlines and American Airlines aircraft are used in this event, and the main airport being KJFK, the closest and most popular airport for New York, the more famous part of the attack.

Region: New York

Airport: KJFK

Time: 1800ZULU

NOTAM Make NYC region busy!


Good idea but there’s no “NYC” airport

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This needs a more meaningful background. Right now it seems like “People died, come fly here in respect.”


Yes, respect is good. What you want else? Ow no I don’t care about the deada but about the buildings?

Don’t you think that is emotional, as well as disrupting?

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I think that IF you have respect you should fly for them. Nothing else!

I never said you don’t care, I’m just saying perhaps this needs more organisation.
The airport isn’t even specified.

Okay what you want. PM me with Your idea.

It still says NYC airport at the start :/

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You shouldn’t say think about the killed people m, you should say think about the people that passed away that day. It sounds a little bit nicer


I wrote him a new monologue in PM. should be up soon.

Edit: it is, but it has my name still there.

I changed it, can we talk now about the event and what happend 15 years ago? Thanks.

Where are we flying? Is there a plan or just flying around JFK

Big Bear Virtual Airline L.C will be participating

What server will this be on

Server? I can’t do expert.

Yeah please use TS2 as a server

Airlines: your choice
Server: Your choice, I hope that there Will be Expert ATC online.

Just keep it tl one server. TS2 would work.

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I made my flight today That tomorrow I can not