15 Minutes of Spotting at Tel Aviv (LLBG)

Hey everyone!

As of recently, I have been experimenting with creating YouTube videos, editing, cinematography, etc. And I wanted to put it to the test by using what I’ve learnt from making the poor content I’ve made beforehand. This is what has come out. I decided to shoot all this from when El Al Virtual was hosting their first-ever event in Tel Aviv, which in turn was featured in the ATC schedule, so it got a fair bit of traffic. I’ve been trying to make this video as realistic as possible, trying to follow spotting guides, adjusting the lighting and everything else. I can say that I am proud of what has come out!

Click below to view the video:


For my first Infinite Flight video, how would you rate this?

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immediately subscribed because that was more than cool!

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Much appreciated!

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your channel entertains me more than my own channel

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Gotta say this is really well made. Maybe because I see myself there👀. Still though, great work!

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Thanks for your support. :^)

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Yes!!! I love this ❤️

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Glad you like it :^)

Wait was someone at Tel Aviv? Yes! Love it Tel Aviv is the most underrated airport in the Middle East. Nice stuff @Tsumia!


Couldn’t agree more :)

That may be bias though 😬


Yeah anyone from LYVA is definitely bias lol.

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Tel Aviv is truly beautiful! I’ve flown in/out of there many times recently! Loved the video!

Really good video. Very well done

I absolutely loved the video. You should one with EL AL Virtual and TRVG combined as we are partners!

Nice idea, and video too.

Yes! Really really good.
If I could give you any feedback though, it would be to shorten the overall video.
But otherwise wonderful video. 😍😍😍😍