15 Hour 737 Flight | Canada to Australia

Now that I’m flying for @IFGAC, I decided to attempt a world record in IF.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is the longest 737-700 flight ever done in IF.
Aircraft: 737-700
Flight time: 15 hours, 37 minutes
Amazing Pictures

Just got out of my Ford Truck about to walk into the terminal to board.

Taxing to runway 16

Taking off and preparing for the long journey to Sydney.

Above Kelowna’s beautiful Okanagan Lake

Saying goodbye to Canada over some amazing mountains.

15 hours later… finally descending into Sydney!

@QantasVirtualGroup hello mate!

Just a few feet above the ground with @Kevin_Olvera flying for @FedExVirtual in the backround.


Parked at the gate. I can’t wait to get some sleep!
Thanks for viewing!


New record ✅

Great shots!


Thank you!! I tried to get the best out of a flight that was mostly over water :D


I’m sure it’s not, don’t tag staff when you don’t need to.


I think it is. I’m pretty sure it’s not against the rules to tag a staff member.

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It’s not against the rules but it’s frowned upon. I don’t think it’s a record, sorry.


Cmon. I’m just trying to have fun and you’re coming in here and telling me what to and what not to do. If you’re going to complain that it’s not a record, do so somewhere else. No one is going to think “Wow he tagged a staff member :(”

I asked Laura, not you


Amazing shots mate ! I think it’s a record ! How did you do that ? Really impressive ! Did you have enough fuel ?


I had 15% fuel when I arrived!! When I took off, my aircraft was 113% MTOW. I was surprised it generated enough lift! I was cruising at a slow speed, so that helped too. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures!!

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Ok thanks ! :) Keep on like that ! ;)

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im attempting the “Project Sunrise” flight that Qantas did a couple years back with the 787-9. its about a 19 hour flight. Im sure someone has done it but this just gave me more motivation to do it! I love this you should do another one man :)


I’m going to attempt a 24 hour flight in the A339 next week. (If I can)
I’m glad I gave you some motivation!! :D

I did a 23 hour one a while back glitchless but my longest ever non stop was in the old 757 when the pushback glitch was a thing and got 50 hours

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Nice!! Thats pretty long!!!

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he is right we don’t usually tag devs. They are busy. Even in most situations, mods don’t tag devs


I understand and I won’t do it again. Not trying to sound rude but this topic is not for lecturing me on not tagging mods, maybe next time PM me. Thanks


This definitely gives off Project Sunrise Vibes! 😍

Funnily enough, the QVG fam was actually planning on doing Project Sunrise as a group flight this weekend! But we decided to take the Queen to Kai Tak, so next weekend’s the date if anyone would like to tag along! ❤️


Sounds fun!! I wish I could apply, I used to be grade 3 but now I’m grade 2 :(

I love doing this route

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