[15 Attending] Alaska Virtual and American Virtual | Alaska Hub Fly-Outs Part 1 : Fly-Out @ KSEA -011900ZJUN19. This is going to be huge!

There is not! I can add you somewhere else though.

I’ll take gate S10 to EGLL. :)

You have been added!

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Gate D02 please!

For now, I will take an Alaska Gate to Denver. If a Southwest one opens up, let me know :)

I’ll take Lufthansa 744 to EDDL please Callsign Lufthansa 9977

You are added! Gate D02!

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You are added to KDEN!

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Have fun in Frankfurt!

Many Thanks!

Any gate to KLAX please!

Just one question, is it going to be on any server?

Nope just Expert!

Ok adding you now!

Then I cant come

I’m only at Training Sever

Ok. I am unadding you.

That’s alright

Delta airlines 2202 Boeing 737-900 to Vancouver international

Gate S16

S16 is going to Paris. Please choose another route.