15,000,000 xp

Hello everyone .

Today it has reached the level of 15 million XP
On this occasion, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this wonderful simulator and everyone who encouraged me to continue to reach a new record.
5 months ago i have 13 million.
This topic I liked to write in order to encourage my fellow pilots to persevere in reaching the highest records.
If I can, then you too can .


Not to mention, you gained a little over 3,000 extra hours as well! I couldn’t ever get myself to fly that much, but props to you for doing it. Congrats!

Edit: I just did a bit of math, and you’ve been flying for 92% of the time in the past 90 days (rounded up from 91.99), with an accumulation of 1,987 hours out of the 2160 hours in a 90 day period. I’m astounded. 👏


Definitely doing some R&D for whatever device you’re using. Nearly 3 years of constant flying. RIP your internet, cellular and device.


Wow! Most commercial pilots don’t even have those hours.

And how in the heck do you have nearly 2,000 hours in 90 days?


Massive congratulations!🍾🎊🎉🎈


HUH! Crazy. Absolutely crazy and astonishing!


Wow I wish I had that, I j don’t have the time to I’m barely even grade 4. Wow

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At this point, we’re going to need an iidvdii spotted on live topic…@moderators what do ya say?


Mind blown 🤯


Once the new year starts or a month after im gonna start flying on the casual server and flying during work 💀


All of that with only 15 violations in 12 months and 0 level 2 and 3 reports. Remarkable. 👏🏼


This is insane! Congratulations on your achievement, clearing making the most of your subscription. Reminds me of people who go to an “all-you-can-eat” place and eat as if they’re going into hibernation. See you again soon with that 20 million!


Ok, so I’ve run the numbers and done some R&D:

In 90 days or 3 months, there are 2160 hours. Meanwhile @iidvdii has 1988 hours (3 minutes added to simplify) So 1988 divided by 2160 means @iidvdii’s device spent 92 precent of its time over the last 3 months flying. (I think Suha’s got to that first but oh well)

With over 23,855 hours in Infinite Flight, iidvdii has spent more time flying than most Infinite Flight pilots! If we go off of when he joined the IFC, Dec 2 2016. It’s been 35,040 hours since then, so that means over the last nearly 4 years. His device has spent 68% of it’s time flying.

Meanwhile, if this wasn’t already enough of an accomplishment. @iidvdii has reached a nice #2 spot in flight time recorded with over 60 hours nonstop, and with refueling another #2 spot recorded with over 85 hours in the air.

In other words, crazy.


Congrats my friend, You always blow our minds with your amazing records. Keep going and head for the 20 Million XP.
Good luck!


Congrats @iidvdii, it’s always great to see the in the skies, and evermore gaining flight time and XP. You’re definitely still a big inspiration to me in the world of IF… I have 4.6M XP, not too far off you… I think 🤣

I wonder how much more you’ll get in the future, 25,000 and 30,000 must be two massive landmarks for you, I can’t wait until you reach them! ♥️😀

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You did it! Congrats!

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Wow! This is just mind blowing! Congratulations on this huge achievement!

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He accomplished my total flight time in the past 2 years of flying in 2 months 🙃


15,000,000 just blows my mind! 🤯 Not sure how that device is still going. Keep it up!

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What device!?!

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