14SEP23 / 1700Z - Flying to Riyadh! @ OERK

Hello everyone and welcome to my event! As of 22.8, King Khalid International Airport, also known as Riyadh International Airport (OERK) is now officially 3D in Infinite Flight! To celebrate, we’ll be flying to this beautiful airport. Expect some traffic and beautiful desert scenery when landing in Riyadh. Let’s get to it!

Airport: King Khalid International Airport (OERK)

Date & Time: 2023-09-14T17:00:00Z

Server: Expert Server

Event Type: Fly-Out/In

You can fly any route as there are no route assignments for this event. If you wish to attend reply to this post with the desired flight and/or just simply click the “Going” button above. Choosing a realistic flight from Flightradar24 or any other third-party application is recommended. Here are some suggested routes to fly:

Suggested Routes
Departure Arrival Airline Aircraft Flight Time
Riyadh (OERK) Medina (OEMA) Saudia A330-300 1:10
Islamabad (OPIS) Riyadh (OERK) Pakistan International Airlines B777-200LR 3:30
Riyadh (OERK) Amman (OJAI) Royal Jordanian E175 1:45
Bahrain (OBBI) Riyadh (OERK) Gulf Air B787-9 0:45
Riyadh (OERK) Frankfurt (EDDF) Lufthansa A330-300 5:45
New York (KJFK) Riyadh (OERK) Saudia B777-300ER 11:30
Riyadh (OERK) Kozhikhode (VOCL) Air India Express B737-800 4:35
Doha (OTHH) Riyadh (OERK) Qatar Airways B777-300ER 1:05
Riyadh (OERK) Istanbul (LTFM) Turkish Airlines A321 3:45
Amsterdam (EHAM) Riyadh (OERK) KLM A330-300 6:00
Riyadh (OERK) Dubai (OMDB) Emirates B777-300ER 1:30
Washington (KIAD) Riyadh (OERK) Saudia B777-300ER 11:40

If you want to control any station at OERK, please comment on this topic or PM me with the desired frequency(s)!

OERK ATC - Controllers Needed
Frequency Controller
Ground -
Tower -
Approach -
Departure -
Jeddah Center -

To make the event as realistic as possible, here is the airport’s information that’ll help make it more professional.

Terminal Airline Usage
Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is used by Aegean Airlines, Air Arabia, Air India Express, Emirates, Pakistan International Airlines, Philippines Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Wizzair, and Wizzair Abu Dhabi.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is used by Air India, British Airways, Egyptair, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airways, FlyDubai, Gulf Air, Kuwait Airways, Lufthansa, Oman Air, Pegasus Airlines, Royal Jordanian, and Sri Lankan Airways.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 is used by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Qatar Airways, Saudia (International), and Turkish Airlines.

Terminal 4

Terminal 4 is used by Saudia for International Routes.

Terminal 5

Terminal 5 is used by Saudia for Domestic Routes.

Remote Aprons

Remote Aprons are used by Flyadeal, Flynas, and Saudia for both domestic and international routes.

Airport Charts


Gate Restrictions

In Terminal 1, Gates 11 and 18 are to be operated by aircraft not bigger than an A321/B737.

In Terminal 2, Gates 21 and 28 are to be operated by aircraft not bigger than an A321/B737.

In Terminal 3, Gate 31 is to be operated by aircraft not bigger than an A321/B737.

In Terminal 4 (Temp. Aprons), all gates are to be operated by aircraft not bigger than an A321/B737.

In Terminal 5, all L and R to be operated by aircraft not bigger than an A321/B737.

All gates but some remote aprons are to be used by aircraft not bigger than A340/B747-400

  • Please follow all instructions above.
  • Please calculate your flight time to avoid delays (possible arrival after the ending of the event).
  • I am NOT responsible for any violations, reports, or other problems you may have while flying.
  • If ATC isn’t present please use the traffic frequency professionally.
  • Once your signed up add this to your calendar so you can remember the date and not miss out!
  • Always act professional at all times.
  • Please follow all ATC instructions.
  • And last, have fun! :)



This event looks amazing, I’ll definitely be joining!

I’ll definitely do the AMM-RUH route with the Royal Jordanian E75S!

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Expect to see Qatari Virtual attending this awesome event!

Chief Marketing Officer


Great, see you there!


Will definitely join this event!! 😍

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Will be there hopefully!


Can’t wait!

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Hello everyone! Can’t believe there’s already less than a week left, see you guys there!

Im interested in going but unsure if I can attend due to school as I’m on the east coast of the usa.

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The event will be throughout the entire day as it’s an official event! 😁

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Me to Im Joining Also


I’m doing KJFK - OERK
Starting in 4 hours

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I have taken off from El Salvador airport, see you in Riyadh. Amiri Flight 1


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What if I haven’t upgrade to the pro version, can I join the live

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No you cannot

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Airborne from LHR as Saudia 110 to RUH

See you in 6 hours!

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Great to see lots of people joining, see you guys there!


Flight is planned!
From OMAA - To OERK (Flight time 1:05)
From OERK - To OMAA (Flight time 1:10)
Plane I’ll be using is Airbus A321 (Etihad - 2015)
Let’s gooo…

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Almost ready.
With the cute Airbus A319 from Saudia, flight 637.
A good way to celebrate this event. See y’all there!

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