14SEP21 / 1900Z The Alaska Milk Run @ KSEA

  • Aircraft and Livery:Alaska 737-800 or 737-900


  • Time of Departure: 1900Z

  • Server:Expert

  • Additional Information:
    Due to only 4 gates at PAJN on 4 planes can attend also shot field takeoff and landing and steel climb skills are required
    Please comment in the thread of you want to attend

Why does no one ever fly with me 😭

30 minutes

Wish i had seen this 😂

@plane_guy12 I am running a bit behind on my arrival into Iceland so I will tell you when I land If you want to fly with me

Already started a flight 😔 Sorry, maybe next time i’ll see it sooner. Happy flying!

I will switch the time to 1900Z Because I have lunch right now

Hey man, if you postpone the flight to this evening (sometime after 6) I will definitely join! BTW, we are in the same time zone.

Op requested