14SEP21 / 0000Z Azul The Smooth Flight SBRF-SBGL

Ok see you there

1 hour till pushback

@Young_Cryptic I will make the flight plan

I thought this was @Young_Cryptic flight?

It’s is I will make the flight plane on sim breif copy my flight plane in infinite flight

What gate are you at

Are you joining if you are I will put you in there

What gate are yo check the thread

30 minutes till pushback

What your gate

Look at the thread

I will take gate Gate 10 at Recife

I will ad you on there

I’m gate 10

@Young_Cryptic I will be having a Birthday DFW flyover and I need 2 pilots to fly formation with me I am a American 777-300ER and I need a American A321 and American Eagle CRJ-900 tell me if you want to join

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When is it

Tomorrow Sir

I don’t know what time but probably in the morning

Okay I will be there also what get are you for your birthday and this flight I will post your birthday on my YouTube channel

I will be 16 and you can put it on YouTube I will DM your with details