14SEP21 / 0000Z Azul The Smooth Flight SBRF-SBGL

  • Aircraft and Livery : Azul A330-900neo

  • Route : SBRF-SBGL

( Recife ) To (Rio de Janeiro)

  • **Flight time 3 hours 30 minutes **

Server: Expert

Gates available

Gate 10 / Young_Cryptic

Gate 9

Gate 11A / Ethan_Brown

Gate 13

Gate 14

Gate 8A

Flight Time 2021-09-15T00:17:00Z

Picture of aircraft

Additional Information:

I will not be responsible for any violations on the flight please make sure to be kind fly safe and see you at the event :)

Just fyi 1400Z was more than 6 hours ago

That’s a nice flight btw but sadly I can’t join


what time for west coast?

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It’s 5:12 are you joining

5:12 PM west coast time (PST with daylight time aka PDT) would be 0012Z of September 15th

5 pst is 0000Z right

Are you joining

Are you joining if you are see you there

I it’s 7:00 for me so I will try to join

What a good time for you

7 central works fine as long as mom cooks dinner on time

What does that mean

It means I can fly if dinner is on time

What time is that for you

Do you know an bueatiful sternly we can fly over

No just the AMAZON rainforest

I will be there in the ROSA livery

Or the normal livery you pick

5:12 right

5:12 pacific is 7:12 central so I will be there