14OCT20 / 0100Z - Going for 1 Million! @ CYVR to VIDP

1 Million XP! - CYVR to VIDP

Hello community! I am happy to say I’m only 2,000 XP from 1 million! It may seem like very few to some big hardcore players, but I have grinded and have gotten 100K in less then 2 weeks! Join me in my 1 million XP flight!

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Event Information

Flight Time (Departure / Arrival Times) - 14:50 or 2020-10-14T01:00:00Z2020-10-14T15:15:00Z

Aircraft / Livery - 777-300ER Air India or 787-9 Air Canada

Route - Vancouver (CYVR) to Delhi (VIDP)

Server - Expert


If only today was not a school night…

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@ORD777flyer , here is my next flyout btw :)

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Ooooo let’s see

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Ooof I have school and I have my great grandpas wake after sorry

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I’ll be gone all day tomorrow because of the funeral and I’m going to Detroit afterwards. Sorry man

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I’ll join :)

all good! thanks for trying :)

@Captain-787 Great! I’ll talk though a PM


Didn’t your last one fail because you crashed on final?

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umm, nah, landing gear deployed mid-flight. I found out the issue and that should be gone now!

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Ohh yeah that was great

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