14NOV20 / 2300Z - 100 years of Qantas @ YBBN to YLRE Return

100 Years Of QANTAS

On this year 100 years ago, Australia’s first airline was born. Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services or Qantas was started by two World War One veterans Paul McGinness and Hudson Fysh. They envisaged an air service connecting Australia to the world.
One hundred years later, their dreams, ambitions and legacy lives on with Qantas and its vision of not just being an airline, but a pioneer on travel with the purpose of connecting the world and bringing it closer. We ask you to join us next month as we Celebrate the birthday of Australia’s first airline.

We will be operating both the outbound and inbound flight from Brisbane to Longreach, feel free to join us for either both flights or the YBBN to YLRE flight.

Please Be Aware For Australasia Pilots This Flight Is On Sunday 15th NOV AEDT At 10am


First/Outbound Flight

Departure Airport: Brisbane (YBBN)

Arrival Airport: Longreach (YLRE)

Server: EXPERT

Aircraft: QantasLink Dash 8 Q-400

Departure Time: 2020-11-14T23:00:00Z

Flight Time: 2 Hours (approx.)

Second/Return Flight

Departure Airport: Longreach (YLRE)

Arrival Airport: Brisbane (YBBN)

Server: EXPERT

Aircraft: QantasLink Dash 8 Q-400

Departure Time: 2020-11-15T01:00:00Z

Flight Time: 2 Hours (approx.)

Brisbane to Longreach

Flightplan: YBBN WACKO 2705S/15232E IBUNA UNVAT PUDUR 2410S/14558E FN226 YLRE

Longreach to Bisbane

Flightplan: YLRE 2326S/14417E 2353S/14519E PUDUR UNVAT ROWLO 2617S/15120E HAWKE SMOKA OTGAT DAYBO YBBN

Gates At Brisbane (YBBN)

Make sure to request a gate simply by replying to this topic.

Gate Pilot
Gate 01D @Thor_Jensen QVG Event Manager
Gate 03 @Robert_Thomas1
Gate 04 @Infinite_Josh
Gate 05 @Abdul
Gate 06 @CapDUDE
Gate 16 @edwardtremethick
Gate 17 @IF_Pacific
Gate 18 @Cpt.TC
Gate 19 @Adrian_K
Gate 20 @applepro243
Gate 21 @Qatari777YT
Gate 22 @gaga
Gate 23 @aircasa_88
Gate 24 @Jamie_Walker
Gate 25 @kyan
Gate 26
Gate 27
Gate 28
Gate 29
Gate 30
Gate 31
Gate 32

More gates available if needed


Additionally, check out our thread here.


Let’s do it I’m up for both flights

Hello Robert, Your gate is: Gate 03.

So excited to see your wanting to join us for the birthday celebrations.
See you on the day.

Happy Flying

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Sign me up for both flights

Sign me up for both flights please :)

As long as you guys continue to accept my Oranges we’ll be good 😁

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Hi Infinite_Josh, Your gate is: Gate 04.

See you at the birthday celebrations, its going to be so much fun.

Happy Flying

I’m on board, return trip.

Looks like I should be free for both flights so sign me up!

Hi Edwardtremethick,
Your flight has been allocated, Gate: 16.

See you there, ready for departure.

Enjoy your day/night

Hi IF_Pacific,
Your gate is: Gate 17.

Hope you have lots of birthday fun on the day.

Happy Flying

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Hi CapDude, Your gate is: Gate 18.

See you on the day for birthday celebrations.

Safe Flying

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Could i join

Hi Adrian_K,
We would be absolutely delighted to have you at our celebration,
Your Gate is: Gate 19

Happy Flying and See You Soon

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hi guys,
can you please sign me up for any gate

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Hello Kyan, Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community. So happy that your first post was on our event.

Your gate is: Gate 20

Cant wait to see you at the celebrations!

Happy Flying

Thank you. Also what time are the flights and do we have to use the bombardier

Hi Kyan,

You can find departure times within the Description section, If you hover over the globe next to Departure time, it should give you the event time in your local timezone. If it doesnt feel free to send us a message and we can assist you with finding the time in your local timezone.

As for using the Bombardier Dash-8 Q400, So the flight on this route is only flown with the Dash-8 Q400 as it usually stops at another town along the way to Longreach and one along the way back to Brisbane, so yes you will have to use that aircraft for the flight, as also Longreach isn’t designed to hold twin-engine jet airliners without taking up a lot of space.

Thank you for asking these questions, If you have any more please feel free to reach out again.

QVG Events Manager

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Thanks for that. I am actually from Brisbane but it is annoying how infinite flight has not updated the airport so the new runway is there. I did see on the page that they will be updating it soon hopefully.

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Was really excited about this event until I seen the times! Poty I cannot participate, but I know it will be great!