14NOV20 / 1900Z | Delta Virtual Presents: Soaring from Seattle @ KSEA

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Welcome to Delta Virtual’s next community event, taking us to the beautiful and extravagant city of Seattle, Washington. Known as a technological and cultural center, Seattle features several prominent companies including Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, and Nintendo of America. Join us as we depart from the United State’s 8th busiest airport, our hub, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or this is your first event with us, this community event is open to any and all pilots!


Located in beautiful Washington State, along with the backdrop of the incredible Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens sits the city of Seattle, WA. Often referred to as “The Emerald City”, Seattle is the largest city in both the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest region of North America, with a metropolitan population of roughly 3.98 million people (2019 Census).

While lumber was Seattle’s first major industry, today it is known as a technological and cultural center, featuring several prominent technological, software, and engineering companies calling the city home. These companies include Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, Nintendo of America, Alaska Airlines, and many more. The stream of new software, biotechnology, and internet companies has led to not only an increase in population but vast wealth throughout the region. Whether it’s visiting the Boeing Factory, checking out the very first Starbucks, or watching the iconic Space Needle pierce the skyline, clearly, there’s a lot to love in “The Emerald City”!


Server: Expert

Airport: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport | KSEA

Time: 2020-11-14T19:00:00Z


Often referred to as Sea-Tac Airport or simply Sea-Tac, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is the primary commercial airport serving the greater Seattle metropolitan area. In 2019, the airport saw over 50 million passengers, making it the eighth-busiest in the United States and 28th-busiest airport in the world.

Established on July 9, 1949, Sea-Tac was the former hub of Northwest Airlines and was later acquired by Delta Airlines in the April 2008. Today, it serves as a major Delta Airlines hub and an international gateway to Asia. Sea-Tac is also the primary hub for Alaska Airlines, whose headquarters is seated close by. With dozens of different airlines and routes to choose from, there is a flight for anyone and everyone at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport!

Class: Bravo

Elevation: 13’

Runway Dimensions
16C/34C 9,425’ x 151’
16L/34R 11,901’ x 151’
16R/34L 8,499’ x 151’


North Satellite - 13 Gates Remaining

North Satellite is used primarily by One World and as an international gateway.

AS - Alaska Airlines
AA - American Airlines
BA - British Airways
CX - Cathay Pacific
DL - Delta Airlines

Concourse A - FULL

Concourse A is used primarily by North American carriers and includes international carriers Japan Airlines and Aer Lingus.

EI - Aer Lingus
AC - Air Canada
DL - Delta Airlines
JL - Japan Airlines
B6 - JetBlue
UA - United Airlines

Concourse B - 16 Gates Remaining

Concourse B is used primarily by American carriers Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

AS - Alaska Airlines
AA - American Airlines
DL - Delta Airlines
F9 - Frontier Airlines
WN - Southwest Airlines

Concourse C - 6 Gates Remaining

Concourse C is used by Alaska Airlines and American Airlines.

AS - Alaska Airlines
AA - American Airlines
DL - Delta Airlines

South Satellite - 7 Gates Remaining

South Satellite functions as an International Terminal and services most airlines.

AM - AeroMexico
AF - Air France
EL - ANA (All Nippon Airways)
OZ - Asiana Airlines
BA - British Airways
CX - Cathay Pacific
DL - Delta Airlines
EK - Emirates
BR - Eva Air
HA - Hawaiian Airlines
FI - Icelandair
KE - Korean Air
LH - Lufthansa
DY - Norwegian
SQ - Singapore Airlines
VS - Virgin Atlantic
Y4 - Volaris

Gate assignments are listed below

More gates will be added if needed


  • This is a choose your own route event- it is your responsibility to find your route. Here are some helpful resources:

  • fpltoif.com

  • flightaware.com

  • flightradar24

  • Please spawn at your assigned gate 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.

  • Please be respectful of Unicom or IFATC (if present)

  • Act professionally at all times.

  • Pilots are responsible for their flight plan and fuel. Use resources such as #ground-school and fpltoif.com.

  • SIDs and STARs are required. Pilots may use skyvector.com as an additional resource.

  • More gates will be added if needed.

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KSEA - KGEG // DL // E170 // 1:00

KSEA - KBOI // DL // E170 // 1:25


KSEA - KLAX // DL // B738, B739, B752 // 2:40

KSEA - KDEN // DL // B739 // 2:30


KSEA-EHAM // DL // A333 // 9:15

KSEA-LFPG // AF // B772 // 10:00


KSEA-RKSI // DL // A359 // 12:00

KSEA-RJTT // DL // A359 // 11:00

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Infinite Flight Delta VA is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Delta Air Lines Inc.

All Delta logos are registered trademarks of Delta Air Lines and are used by Licensee under license from Delta Air Lines Inc.

Event Coordinators

This event is brought to you by the Delta Virtual Event Team in coordination with the Delta Virtual Board of Directors. A very special thank you to @mwe2187, for all of his hard work with the images seen above.

When was the Seattle Space Needle first unveiled?

  • April 21, 1962
  • March 31, 1971
  • June 23, 1988

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North Satellite - 13 Gates Remaining

American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines

Gate Aircraft Destination Airline Pilot/Callsign
Gate N1 Up to A321/B739
Gate N2 Up to A321/B739
Gate N3 Up to A321/B739
Gate N4 Up to A321/B739
Gate N6 Up to A321/B739
Gate N7 Up to A321/B739
Gate N8 Up to A321/B739
Gate N9 Up to A321/B739
Gate N10 Up to A321/B739
Gate N11 Up to A321/B739
Gate N12A Up to A321/B739
Gate N12C Up to A321/B739
Gate N16 Up to A321/B739

Concourse A - FULL

Aer Lingus, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Japan Airlines, JetBlue, United Airlines

Gate Aircraft Destination Airline Pilot/Callsign
Gate A1 B738 KATL DL @Ross // Delta 13VA
Gate A2 B739 CYVR DL @Smax // Delta 857VA
Gate A3 B739 KLAX DL @Eric_Dedicke // Delta 845VA
Gate A4 A321 KLAX DL @Cannoli928 // Delta 928VA
Gate A5 B739 KMSP DL @Saharsh // Delta 136VA
Gate A6 B739 KLAX DL @Chief_Beef // Delta 906VA
Gate A7 Up to A321/B739 KLAX DL @NathanD // Delta 925VA
Gate A8 A319 KDEN DL @Luke_Sta // Delta 212VA
Gate A10 E170 KPDX DL @Cooper_Marcukaitis // SKW1060
Gate A11 E170 KDFW DL @Oskapew // Delta 70VA
Gate A12 E170 CYYC DL @MJP_27 // WestJet 002VG
Gate A13 B757 KMSP DL @Cole_Papenhausen // DL888
Gate A14 B739 KLAX DL @Victor_Winter // Delta 250VA

Concourse B - 15 Gates Remaining

American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines

Gate Aircraft Destination Airline Pilot/Callsign
Gate B1 B739 KSLC DL @C-Rich22 // Delta 323VA
Gate B3 B739 KDEN DL @M_Lameo_Aviation // Delta 206VA
Gate B4 B738 KCVG DL @finnyeomans // Delta 247VA
Gate B5 Up to CRJ9/E175
Gate B5A Up to CRJ9/E175
Gate B6 A319 KDEN DL @Lostler // Delta 551
Gate B7 Up to A321/B739
Gate B7A Up to A321/B739
Gate B7B Up to A321/B739
Gate B8 Up to A321/B739
Gate B9 Up to A321/B739
Gate B10 Up to A321/B739
Gate B11 Up to A321/B739
Gate B12 Up to A321/B739
Gate B14 Up to A321/B739
Gate B15 Up to A321/B739

Concourse C - 6 Gates Remaining

Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and American Airlines

Gate Aircraft Destination Airline Pilot/Callsign
Gate C3 Up to A321/B739
Gate C9 Up to A321/B739
Gate C11 Up to CRJ9/ERJ175
Gate C15 Up to CRJ9/ERJ175
Gate C17 Up to A321/B739
Gate C18 Up to A321/B739
Gate C20 Up to A321/B739

South Satellite - 5 Gates Remaining

AeroMexico, Air France, ANA (All Nippon Airways), Asiana Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, Emirates, Eva Air, Frontier, Hawaiian Airlines, Icelandair, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Volaris

Gate Aircraft Destination Airline Pilot/Callsign
Gate S1 A359 RKSI DL @DanG387 // Delta 390VA
Gate S2 B772 LFPG AF @CPT_Bambi // Delta 705VA
Gate S3A A359 RKSI DL @mkwiecek // Delta 489VA
Gate S5 Up to B744
Gate S7 A321 CYYZ AC @Czech_pilot_Oliver // Air Canada 540
Gate S8 A359 KATL DL @SirMarkieMark // Delta 868VA
Gate S9 Up to B744
Gate S11 Up to B744
Gate S12 Up to B744
Gate S15 A359 KLAX DL @Aviation2929 // Delta 2929
Gate S16 Up to B744

Reserving a gate is easy and open to ANY and ALL pilots of the Infinite Flight Community!

Simply post below asking for a gate to join the flight. Please include your callsign, gate, aircraft, airline, and your destination airport! You will be placed in the next available gate and tagged in a response confirming that you are attending.

DLVA members are asked to give their DLVA callsign with their signup post.

We can’t wait to see YOU at Delta Virtual’s Soaring from SeaTac Flyout!


Delta 13VA, Gate A1, Delta Virtual, Atlanta

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@Ross, you’re all set! We can’t wait to see you there.

DLVA IFC Manager

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Delta 845VA, Gate A3, Delta Virtual, KLAX

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Hello! I clicked the link to apply but this shows up.


Try this link @Austrian001! https://ifdlva.com/register.php


Delta 928VA, Gate A4, Delta Virtual, KLAX (739)

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@Eric_Dedicke, thanks for signing up, man! We’ll see you there :))

DLVA IFC Manager

Can I take a Delta heavy gate to Seoul please DLVA390

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@Austrian001, thank you for bring this to our attention. Please let us know if you experience any more issues!

@Cannoli928, thank you for helping out! A4 is all yours :))

DLVA IFC Manager


Delta 136VA, A5, Delta Virtual, KMSP B739

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@DanG387, South Sattelite - Gate S1 is all yours! We hope you enjoy your hop over to Seoul!

@Saharsh, Gate A5 is all yours. Thanks for signing up, man!

DLVA IFC Manager


gate A06 KSEA-KLAX B739 DELTA906VA

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Delta 705VA , S2 , Delta Virtual , LFPG

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I’ll take a gate!

Delta 212VA, Gate A8, KDEN, A319

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What aircraft would you like to use?


Can I please have a gate for an A319 to KLAX? My callsign is Delta 925VA.

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Using the B772

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@Chief_Beef, you’re all set! Thanks for signing up.

@CPT_Bambi, South Satellite - S2 is all yours! Enjoy your flight to Paris :))

@Luke_Sta, Hey Luke! Thanks for signing up, you’re good to go!

@NathanD, we’ve given you gate A7 at Concourse A. Happy flying!

Thanks to all the pilots that have signed up thus far! Delta Virtual pilots, don’t forget that by attending the Soaring from Seattle flyout, you’ll receive:

  • 3x flight time
  • 6 free charters
  • 6 free non-hubs

DLVA IFC Manager