14NOV20 / 1900Z - British Airways Virtual Arline 4th Anniversary @ EGLL

British Airways Virtual Airline is turning four years old!

As one of the oldest and most vibrant virtual airlines within the Infinite Flight Community, we’re proud to say that on the 16th November, we will have been making memories in the Infinite Flight skies for four years as British Airways Virtual Airline, and even before that as ‘Speedbird VA’.

To celebrate this amazing feat, we have planned an action-packed series of events taking place between:


Come and join us for fun events, exciting perks, and many more surprises throughout the weekend - and thank you all for supporting us in our mission as a virtual airline so far!

We would like to personally thank all BAVA staff members, pilots, and supporters, past and present, for their contribution in making BAVA one of the leading virtual airlines within the Infinite Flight Community, and for helping us reach this forth-year mark in style!

Open Recruitment Weekend

We’d like as many pilots to be able to experience the magic of our anniversary events as possible - and that’s why we’ve decided to hold an Open Recruitment Weekend over our anniversary weekend - opening up BAVA to everyone in this community, and thus improving accessibility.


Those who apply to BAVA between 2020-11-13T12:00:00Z2020-11-15T18:00:00Z who meet our usual entry requirements can join British Airways VA without having to undertake any formal written test! All other entry requirements and restrictions still apply.

We can’t wait to welcome more and more pilots into our wonderful online community over the weekend, and really highlight to them why we have been one of the leading virtual airlines within the Infinite Flight Community for so long.


All other entry requirements found in our VA IFC thread or in our application form still apply. New pilots upon joining will be subject to stringent checks in their first week of joining to ensure they meet our standards of piloting – including undergoing a ‘check ride’ with our mentoring team. If the pilot cap is reached, applicants will be informed and put on the waitlist.

1.5x flight time for all BAVA members, all weekend!

To thank BAVA pilots for their continued support and membership of British Airways Virtual Airline, all flights flown and logged by BAVA pilots over the course of our anniversary weekend between 2020-11-13T17:00:00Z2020-11-15T22:00:00Z are eligible for a 1.5x flight time multiplier! Thank you for making British Airways Virtual Airline one of the most respected and admired places within the community.

Usual route and rank limitations apply. BAVA pilots cannot stack this flight time multiplier with any other multipliers already in use for other events over the weekend.

Limited-Edition Anniversary Badges!

An integral part of our rank structure and forum at British Airways Virtual are our rank badges - highlighting seniority and promoting equality throughout the virtual airline.

All BAVA member participants in 4-year anniversary events will receive a limited-edition badge commemorating their attendance at our fourth birthday celebrations. What more could you possibly wish for?!

Open to All

All of our internal and external events are open to all BAVA members, regardless of rank within the virtual airline. We’re also hosting three community-wide events on Saturday 14th November, which are open to all members of the Infinite Flight Community!

We’re celebrating our fourth birthday in style, and we’re doing it with our member community at the very centre. Alongside some very exciting community-wide events on Saturday 14th November, we’ve got events planned throughout the weekend for our BAVA pilots and members. Check out the postings below if you’re interested in what we’ve got planned!

BAVA Member-Only Events

We’re once again pulling out all the stops to ensure there’s something for everyone in our celebrations planned for our anniversary weekend. If you’d like more details surrounding the specific internal events listed, then please find these below. All external events are of course detailed in this event thread further down. Do give them a try!

Friday 13th November | Events

Server: Expert Server
Route: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX/KLAX) to London Heathrow International Airport (LHR/EGLL)
Aircraft: B772, B77W or B789.

Join us as we kick off our anniversary celebrations in style with a Trans Atlantic flight to our home at Heathrow.

Stay tuned within our slack forum’s #events channel for more information about this event, and for gate assignments closer to the time.

Sunday 15th November | Events
BAVA Landing Competition


Server: Casual

Come and show us your best landings in Innsbruck - with the top three pilots receiving prizes for their high quality landings!

A firm favourite of BAVA, we’ve been holding landing competitions as fun-themed events for years. It’s a great way to blow off some steam, and to try out some challenging and fun new approaches!


1st Place: 10 hours flight time.
2nd Place: 5 hours flight time.
3rd Place: 2hrs 30mins flight time.

If you’re interested in partaking in this event, please monitor the #events channel within our slack forum - there we’ll give you the specific details of the event, and give the final verdict on just who performs the best landing!

Mystery Flight


Server: Expert
Route: To be confirmed
Aircraft: To be confirmed

To conclude our Anniversary Weekend celebrations, join us for a Mystery Flight to one of the staffed ATC airports of the day.

If you’re interested in attending this event, please monitor the #events channel within our slack forum - there we’ll announce the route and give you the specific details of the event.

If you’re an interested and budding pilot, and would like to get involved in any of the events listed above, then why not join us ? With our open recruitment weekend outlined above, we’ve made it even easier for you to join the BAVA family to celebrate with us.


What better way to celebrate our fourth anniversary than by drawing British Airways’ logo in the skies of Infinite Flight?

Come and join us as we draw the iconic British Airways Speedmarque logo in the skies over Great Britain, kicking off our fourth birthday in style! Find out more information about the event below.

More Details


Server: Expert Server.
Aircraft: British Airways Aircraft of your choice!
Route: EGLL - Speedmarque - EGLL.

Flight Plan

5205N/40E 5213N/108E 5214N/116E 5216N/122E 5220N/135E 5223N/145E 5232N/207E 5238N/217E 5242N/220E 5244N/221E 5248N/222E 5250N/222E 5251N/221E 5254N/220E 5258N/217E 5303N/213E 5308N/207E 5313N/202E 5318N/155E 5323N/147E 5328N/134E 5331N/124E 5333N/112E 5336N/52E 5337N/32E 5338N/22W 5338N/56W 5337N/124W 5337N/146W 5336N/217W 5335N/244W 5334N/315W 5334N/342W 5332N/417W 5332N/457W 5331N/530W 5329N/607W 5328N/641W 5327N/713W 5327N/732W 5326N/739W 5326N/742W 5326N/746W 5326N/748W 5326N/750W 5326N/751W 5326N/750W 5326N/749W 5323N/735W 5322N/721W 5319N/655W 5316N/626W 5314N/607W 5312N/537W 5310N/513W 5309N/432W 5308N/405W 5308N/332W 5308N/324W 5308N/311W 5308N/255W 5308N/245W 5308N/234W 5308N/219W 5308N/201W 5308N/149W 5308N/134W 5308N/118W 5308N/56W 5308N/40W 5308N/26W 5307N/16W 5307N/22E 5307N/106E 5306N/128E 5306N/134E 5306N/137E 5305N/138E 5305N/141E 5305N/143E 5305N/143E 5304N/142E 5303N/140E 5301N/136E 5257N/127E 5254N/119E 5252N/111E 5248N/59E 5244N/43E 5240N/26E 5231N/24W 5229N/41W 5227N/53W 5225N/104W 5225N/107W 5224N/107W 5223N/105W 5223N/59W 5222N/55W 5221N/51W 5219N/36W 5215N/16W 5211N/10E 5207N/34E 5205N/40E

Flight Details ('The Numbers')


Server: Expert Server.
Aircraft: British Airways Aircraft of your choice!
Route: EGLL - Speedmarque - EGLL.

Departure Runway: 09L/27R
Cruise Level: FL200
Cruise Speed: 280KIAS.
Fuel Required: 03hrs 00mins + endurance
Note that some turns may be sharp and require manual control, without autopilot.
Arrival Runway: 09L/27R.

No SID and STAR should be used. Pilots should fly direct to start of Speedmarque and direct to EGLL when starting and finishing the flight.

Back by popular demand, we’re drawing BA’s famous speedmarque in the skies to kick off the day of our anniversary.

In a follow-the-leader style, we’ll all be departing together from BA’s main hub, and home, Terminal 5 at London Heathrow, and touring the United Kingdom whilst gracing everyone’s radar screens with BA’s world-famous logo.

If you’re interested in participating in this event, please reserve a gate at London Heathrow by commenting in the thread below. We’d love to see you there, helping us celebrate our birthday in style!

BAVA Member Gates
Gate Pilot Callsign
Gate 501 @felixcat BAVA007
Gate 502 @ryan2226 BAVA354
Gate 503 @Ayush_Mathur BAVA357
Gate 505 @Speedbird222 BAVA115
Gate 506
Gate 507
Gate 508
Gate 509
Gate 511
Gate 512
Gate 513
Gate 515
Gate 517
Gate 518
Infinite Flight Community Member Gates
Gate Pilot Callsign
Gate 520
Gate 521
Gate 522
Gate 523
Gate 524
Gate 525
Gate 526
Gate 527

How fast can you fly?

Grab your favourite BA jet aircraft and let’s see who will be the first to land. Join us on the Casual Server for a fast-paced action-packed event. Check out the details below!

Race Details

Server: Casual
Aircraft: Pilot’s choice of BA aircraft
Dep/Arr Runway: 27R

No flight plans, no SIDS or STARs. All you need to do is perform a “touch and go” at each airport and land successfully back at Heathrow.

All pilots are to line up at 27R and the GO will be at 1400Z sharp!


The showstopper of our anniversary celebrations this year - our London Heathrow Fly-Out , whereby we’ll be showcasing our pilot’s favourite routes in a mass fly-out from London Heathrow airport.

This event promises to be a big and busy one, and you’re invited! Simply take a look at all the event details, and our available routes below, and then request one in the thread below to take part. We’ll pop you a reminder message about the event, and more detailed procedures nearer the time.

As this event is expected to be extremely busy, detailed procedures are being created to ensure a smooth flow of departure traffic, and reduce wait times for those on the ground. When these are released, all pilots attending will be notified, and are then expected to follow and heed these procedures accordingly.

General Event Details

Date & Time: 2020-11-14T19:00:00Z
Server: Expert
Airport: EGLL

Join us on the evening of 14 November as we form a mass fly-out of our London Hub to our most popular destinations across the globe.

We’ve compiled our pilots’ most popular routes for BAVA pilots and Infinite Flight Community members to fly on the evening, out of our three busiest London airport hubs.

To sign up, simply select a gate/route from those listed in the ‘sign up’ section of this thread, and then comment below this event thread to reserve the gate. Then, simply keep an eye out on your PMs as we let you know of specific details and procedures closer to the time, and remember to turn up on the evening of Saturday 14th November!

Event Procedures and NOTAMs

All pilots are expected to be courteous towards each-other at all times throughout the event. All ATC instructions (for pilots flying out of Gatwick) must be followed and take priority over any instructions issued by our events team.

A specific SID must be used by pilots departing London Heathrow (EGLL) to avoid conflicts. All traffic movements will be governed by IFATC controllers as appropriate.

We request that all pilots spawn and are ready depart at 2020-11-14T18:50:00Z, or at least 10 minutes before their allocated pushback/taxi time.

At the pilot’s assigned pushback/taxi time assigned alongside their gate number, the pilot must pushback (if necessary) and taxi to the assigned departing runways below:

Event Sign Up

To sign up for a route, simply select a route you’d like to fly, and then comment in a message below this thread to reserve your gate. Keep an eye out for further event procedures being published before the start of the event. We can’t wait to see you there!

All aircraft listed are British Airways aircraft, available within Infinite Flight.

Short Haul Routes

Terminal: 5A
Runway: 27R

Destination Gate Aircraft Flight Number Reserved By Slot Pushback Time
EHAM 501 A319 BA430 @airliner 1900Z
EIDW 502 A319 BA824 1910Z
EKCH 503 A320 BA816 1920Z
ENGM 505 A320 BA766 @saharsh [BAVA239] 1900Z
EGAC 506 A320 BA1416 @MJP_27 [BAVA803] 1910Z
EFHK 507 A320 BA794 1920Z
ULLI 508 A320 BA878 1900Z
EDDB 509 A319 BA998 1910Z
EGPH 511 A320 BA1440 1920Z
EGCC 512 A319 BA1390 1900Z

Terminal: 5A
Runway: 27L

Destination Gate Aircraft Flight Number Reserved By Slot Pushback Time
LSZH 514 B789 BA716 @cptlogue [BAVA155] 1910Z
EDDF 515 A321 BA906 1920Z
EBBR 517 A321 BA392 1900Z
LEMD 518 B772 BA462 @oneworldqatar [BAVA353] 1910Z
LFPG 519 A320 BA314 1920Z
LOWW 520 A320 BA704 1900Z
LOWI 521 A320 BA684 @Alexian61 [BAVA737] 1910Z
LEBL 522 A320 BA474 1920Z
LGAV 523 A320 BA632 @TaipeiGuru [BAVA873] 1900Z
LXGB 524 A320 BA492 @Rhys_V [BAVA252] 1910Z
LIPX 525 A320 BA2596 @Edoardo_C [BAVA378] 1920Z
LPFR 526 A320 BA508 @15shawo [BAVA167] 1900Z
LFMN 527 A320 BA346 @F1PlayBG [BAVA373] 1910Z
Medium & Long Haul Routes

Terminal: 5B
Runway: 27R

Destination Gate Aircraft Flight Number Reserved By Slot Pushback Time
KLAX 548 B77W BA269 @Speedbird222 [BAVA115] 1900Z
KSFO 532 B772 BA287 @Adam_Wilson [BAVA014] 1900Z
KSEA 547 B78X BA49 1910Z
KDFW 533 B78X BA193 @felixcat [BAVA007] 2000Z
KSAN 546 B77W BA273 @beau_giles [BAVA010] 1920Z
KORD 534 B772 BA295 @EmilioF [BAVA195] 1920Z
KMIA 545 B77W BA207 @DannyHL [BAVA170] 1900Z
KJFK 535 B772 BA117 @21Cabbage [BAVA026] 1900Z

Terminal: 5B
Runway: 27L

Destination Gate Aircraft Flight Number Reserved By Slot Pushback Time
SCEL 536 B789 BA251 @Tomjet073 [BAVA224] 1910Z
SAEZ 544 B772 BA245 @infiniteflightdeck 1910Z
SBGR 537 B77W BA247 @Ayush_Mathur [BAVA357] 1920Z
FAOR 543 B789 BA55 1920Z
FACT 538 B772 BA59 1900Z
FSIA 542 B789 BA63 @Louis1 [BAVA100] 1900Z
VRMM 539 B77W BA61 @Bo-oing [BAVA334] 1910Z
HECA 541 B789 BA155 1910Z

Terminal: 5C
Runway: 27R

Destination Gate Aircraft Flight Number Reserved By Slot Pushback Time
VHHH 558 B77W BA27 @ORD777Flyer 1900Z
WSSS 561 B77W BA11 @Couch [BAVA271] 1900Z
ZSPD 557 B77W BA169 @Liam_Kirk [BAVA243] 1910Z
YSSY(via WSSS) 562 B77W BA15 @if.england [BAVA374] 1910Z
RJTT 556 B77W BA7 @ramzi_Khairan [BAVA530] 1920Z
RKSI 563 B789 BA17 @Theus15 [BAVA162] 1920Z
WMKK 555 B789 BA33 1900Z
VTBS 564 B789 BA9 1900Z

Terminal: 5C
Runway: 27L

Destination Gate Aircraft Flight Number Reserved By Slot Pushback Time
OTHH 554 B789 BA123 1910Z
OMDB 565 B772 BA109 1910Z
OMAA 553 B772 BA73 1920Z
OEJN 566 B772 BA133 1920Z
VABB 552 B77W BA139 @king_ps09 [BAVA 220] 1900Z
VOMM 567 B789 BA35 1900Z
LLBG 551 B789 BA165 1910Z
OKBK 568 B772 BA157 1910Z

Terminal: 5C Remote
Runway: 27R

Destination Gate Aircraft Flight Number Reserved By Slot Pushback Time
OPLA 572 B789 BA259 1900Z
OPIS 573 B789 BA261 1910Z
CYYC 594 B789 BA103 1920Z
CYYZ 595 B789 BA93 1910Z
MMMX 596 B789 BA243 1900Z
VA Reserved Gates

Terminal: 5C Remote
Runway: 27L

Destination Gate Aircraft Flight Number Reserved By Slot Pushback Time
575 AAVA 1930Z
576 AAVA 1930Z
582 AAVA 1930Z
583 AAVA 1930Z
590 AAVA 1930Z
591 AAVA 1930Z
592 AAVA 1930Z

Terminal: 3
Runway: 27R

Destination Gate Aircraft Flight Number Reserved By Slot Pushback Time
KSEA 335 BA49 @dmitry_gal. AYVA 1945Z
336 AYVA 1945Z
340 AYVA 1945Z
342 AYVA 1945Z

Terminal: 3
Runway: 27L

Destination Gate Aircraft Flight Number Reserved By Slot Pushback Time
LFBO 309 A320 BA374 QVG 2000Z
LFBO 311 A320 BA374 QVG 2000Z
LFBO 313 A320 BA374 QVG 2000Z
LFBO 316 A320 BA374 QVG 2000Z

Words cannot describe how much this community means to us after spending four years within it.

We would like to personally extend our gratitude and thanks to all members of the Infinite Flight Community, Infinite Flight staff and moderators, pilots, members, and staff members of our virtual airline, and all those who have supported us over the years. We couldn’t have made it here without you.

This past year for BAVA has seen many innovations, changes, and improvements, and has led to countless memories being made. We can’t wait to see the new heights that we’ll reach in our fourth year as a virtual airline within the community as we constantly try to better ourselves and improve the experience for our pilots and members.

If you’re interested in what British Airways Virtual Airline has to offer, then look no further than our website or community thread . If you have any questions surrounding our operations, then also don’t hesitate to contact us using the links provided below.

Event Thread Details | Credits


This event thread is an extension of the British Airways Virtual Airline Infinite Flight Community Thread. All disclaimers and terms and conditions listed on our general community thread all apply here.

British Airways Virtual Airline is a non-profit organisation which is not connected, affiliated, or linked with British Airways PLC, OneWorld LLC, or any other airlines, airline parent companies, or airline partners. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Any queries or questions surrounding the operation of British Airways Virtual Airline should be directed to our Infinite Flight Community Thread.


Event Thread Design, Graphics, and Wording: @Jon_H, @felixcat
Event Planning and Organisers: @felixcat, @Jon_H

With special thanks to all staff members at BAVA for their continued contribution to our virtual airline.

Contact Us

07 22 52 48

British Airways Virtual Airline 2020



Is this a member only event?

Not at all. Anyone can attend the fly out, race and Speedmarque events

Terminal: 5A
Runway: 27R

Destination Gate Aircraft Flight Number Reserved By Slot Pushback Time
EHAM 501 A319 BA430 1900Z-1910Z

Take that one

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I’ll be there for the race and the Fly Out.

Wish I could come for the Drawing the logo in the sky but that’s at 5am for me.

Good thing that I live at the Netherland

I’ll take a gate for the Fly-out to ESSA. Callsign BAVA803

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I will take this gate please!

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I’ll take this one, BAVA239!

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Sooo Awesome can I reserve the gate 502 my callsign is BAVA329! :) for the speedmarque btw :)

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Ill have this one please (BAVA100)

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Fantastic posting! I’m so glad to be able to be a part of this!

Please may I take WSSS-561-B77W-BA11 @1900Z-1910Z?

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Can I reserve gate 575 please? (BAVA334) slot pushback time 1900Z-1910Z not sure what flight I want to do yet :)

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This gate please, I’m BAVA800

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Wonderful thread !

I’m so proud to be a BAVA pilot !


I’ll take a gate to HKG in the Fly-out. With the 777-300ER

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Sign me up up for the race and the fly out (LXGB) in the A320, please!


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I’ll take a gate for the Firday flight to KLAX please. BAVA224

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i’ll take this one, BAVA374

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i’ll take this BAVA530

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