14NOV20 / 1300Z - Xcub landing competition @ TFFJ

Hi IFC. Thanks for stopping by to see my Xcub landing competition. As we all know TFFJ airport has a super short runway so this event should be fun. All pilots attending the event will depart out of TNCM and land at TFFJ for the landing comp.

Server: Expert

Airport: TFFJ

Landing runway: 28

Time: 2020-11-14T21:00:00Z. 1300Z



GA12. @Marcel001

See you there!


I would love to be a judge!

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What spot do you want?

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GA12 please!

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You’re in. See you there.

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@Finley_Skaggs I can’t really fly the Xcub but I’m up for a challenge! Sign me up!

Ps. I will crash, no doubt.

Not runway 10 were the nose dive is?

1300 Z would have been an hour ago. Is the event over? If it is later today, please fix the Z time, sign me up, and give us an outline of your scoring method.

This event must be cancelled. There has been no activity IN AGES! I’m out sorry.

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