14NOV20 / 0235Z Across the Pacific! @ KSFO - YSSY

  • Aircraft and Livery: UAL A350

  • Route: KSFO GNNRR 3634N/12633W BAART BARAZ BILLO BEKME BOARD BITTA CHOKO 1500N/16600W 1000N/16800W 500N/17400W 000S/17800W BODKI 1000S/17400E 1500S/17000E 2200S/16300E 2500S/16000E CBULA BANDA JOKER COOPA INOKE 3217S/15106E CORKY SADLO BOREE BEKLO BEROW OVILS TESAT ANKUB YSSY

  • Time of Departure: 0245Z, Pushback @ 0240Z, Spawn in at 0235Z

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information: Please be respectful of ATC when we arrive in YSSY. I will NOT be responsible for any ghosting or violation that you receive.

Expect diversion from FPL, when approaching YSSY

  • FL350
  • Climb Profile 250/320/85
  • Descent Profile 85/300/250
  • Flight Time 13:59

Do we sign up somewhere?

No, Just show up!

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Which gates?

G1 - G14 International terminal G

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FPL unclear. Are we approaching RW7?

I sent you a PM, we can communicate there!

has the flight started already

Yes, We aren’t far from the coast!

Ok I,ll try to catch up

Cruising at FL350, winds calm, M0.85

Have a good Flight!

Touch base on approach into YSSY!

If you are able to copy my FPL, depending how far out we are

I will if your close enuf

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ok im up in the air and i copied your flight plan

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