14NOV/1700Z - Alaska Airlines Milk Run! - @KSEA to PAJN

Summary: Alaska Airline operates a vital service for communities along the Alaskan coastline and thought it would be a great idea to organise a flight from Seattle Tacoma to Anchorage, stopping at several small airports along the way! Fir this event we will finish at Juneau. As you may have thought, many of these airports are extremely small and there is not much room for a lot of aircraft. Some of the airports along this route have only one gate. There are 5 places in this event and the way this will work is everyone should spawn in at 1700Z but there will be 5 minute intervals between each departure so as when one aircraft arrives at a stop, the other will land, take its gate and this will repeat for every airport unless there are several gates. This event will take a few hours and can also boost your XP as there are many landings. Please note that the weather in Alaska can be tricky to fly in and the terrain is tricky as well.

Server: Casual Server

Airport: Seattle Tacoma @KSEA

Time: 1700Z or 2020-11-14T17:00:00Z

Photos: Here are some photos of the Alaska Airlines mill run. All photos taken from the Alaska Airlines blog: https://blog.alaskaair.com/milk-run-poster-3/

Gate Aircraft Livery Pilot
A1 737-800 Alaska Airlines
A2 737-800 Alaska Airlines
A3 737-800 Alaska Airlines
A4 737-800 Alaska Airlines
A5 737-800 Alaska Airlines

I am hosting this on the Casual Server as some pilots may find this route to be quite tricky. Minor overspeeds can cause problems, but with no 737-700s in the Alaska Airlines livery and the 737-800s can operate this route in Infinite Flight as I have done it before, this is ideal.

Please note that to apply for this event, it would be good that you have experience as it is a challenging route. This may be an unpopular event as it is unique but I hope I get some signups.

The route:


If this event receives a good reception, I will make a part 2 up to Anchorage from Juneau!

Should I do a part 2?
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  • No

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I hope to see some of you at the event! Thanks!

Somehow I messed up the table AGAIN. Please feel free to add in waypoints between each airport. I didn’t as weather could change.

I would do it but I don’t think there are any gates at Cordova or Yakutat. I think Cordova only has one that fits the 737

I mean this is in the game right now

For the group flight category, the flight you intend to do for the milk run is November 14, for this category, the flight has to be within three hours of posting

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