14MAY22 / 2000Z - DHL Express Virtual Presents: Oh London! @ EGLL

Sure! See Ya!

Haydentheavgeek, DHLV Events Supervisor

Is it Ok If I have An Air China A330 Instead of Hainan?

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hello! could I take those ATC spots pls?

if there’s lots of traffic I’ll split with someone

Mrbeast6000, ATC specialist

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Oops Sorry! Baha I must’ve read it wrongly! Sure!

Sure Thing!

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Topic Bump Up

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Hi guys, so sorry but I can not join anymore

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Can i reserve this gate to VOCI on Air India B788 please?

Thank You!

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Done! See Ya!

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This please to KLAX my Callsign is N630VA
With Lufthansa

Good news guys I can join now and can I be on the same flight to Chengdu with Air China please

UPS 004VA, EDDK, MD-11F, thanks for the organization.

Hello, I am extremely sorry but I can’t join due to family stuff

I can’t wait for this event to start!

I will be spawning in 5 mins!

Thank you @DHLExpressVirtual for the event!

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