14MAY22 / 1700Z - IFATC Takeover: The Islands of Indonesia

As part of the community and IFATC’s initiative to engage with the community through user-created events, IFATC controllers have come together in another IFATC takeover. Join us as we fully staff the best airports that the beautiful country of Indonesia has to offer.


Server: Expert

Aircraft: Any


ICAO Airport Location Ground Tower Approach Departure ATIS
WIII Soekarno-Hatta Intl Jakarta @Mrbeast6000 @Mrbeast6000 @Cooper @Cooper @Mrbeast6000
WADD Ngurah Rai Intl Denpasar-Bali @Ramzi_Khairan @Ramzi_Khairan @Ramzi_Khairan @Ramzi_Khairan @Ramzi_Khairan
WARR Juanda Intl Surabaya @Thunderbolt @Thunderbolt @Thunderbolt @Thunderbolt @Thunderbolt
WIBB SSK II Airport Pekanbaru
WAHI Yogyakarta Intl Yogyakarta @vinoalviano @vinoalviano @vinoalviano
WAHS Achmad Yani Airport Semarang @Juiceinaglass @Juiceinaglass @Juiceinaglass
WALL Sepinggan Airport Balikpapan @Magician @Magician @Magician
Center Controller
Ujung Pandang

Airports will be added/removed based on controller demand and request. If you are a controller that wishes to control in this event, please send me a message. Please note it is first come, first serve and requests cannot always be accommodated.


  • Not following ATC instructions may result in violations.
  • Airport size restrictions will be enforced if relevant at event airports

Hello @Thunderbolt could I take jakarta ground tower and ATIS pls?

Updated. Thank you.

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I’ll grab approach and departure at WIII please!

i’ll take WADD GTADS

Will take this

Updated. Thank you, folks.

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I’ll take Jakarta & Ujung Pandang FIRs

WALL approach please


I’m sorry but, can i change to WAHS Tower Atis Please?

Yup, I’ll switch it for you now.

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Hello @Thunderbolt , can I take WAHI Tower ATIS ?

Hi, can you remove me from the list? I can’t make it unfortunately.

Everything’s updated. Thank you!


I’ll take WIBB local. Tower is the only available frequency. Thanks!

Happy event day! Enjoy exploring Indonesia and what our controllers have to offer.

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Happy event day, Thunderstorm.

I’ll be a few minutes late opening WIBB. There was a long line at T-Rays Burger Station. 🤪

Took off from OEJN too late this AM, couldnt make it in time, was hoping to land with ATC coverage all the way into WIII.

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