14MAY22 / 1500Z - "Welcome to Washington!" - WASHINGTON FLY-IN & FLY-OUT @ KDCA


With its amazing river visual approach, and its steep climb, I present the Washington DCA Fly-Out! Featuring all sorts of north American aircraft as we flood the capital of the USA with the feuselages of narrow body aircraft! This event with include a fly in and a fly-out to be featured on my YouTube channel for a plane-spotting video!! Join us for fun flying at DCA!

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Airport Information

Airport: Washington Regan INTL Airport (KDCA)

Date and Time: 2022-05-14T14:00:00Z2022-05-14T15:00:00Z

Server: Expert Server


Recommended format: [Quote gate] [Aircraft] [Airline] [Callsign]

Terminal C (American Airlines/Delta Airlines) - 13 Gates Remaining!
Gates Destination Aircraft Airline IFC Name
350 Chigago (ORD) A320-200 American
35N Atlanta 3D A320 American
35M Myrtle Beach CRJ-900 American @TheButterMan
35L Detroit A319-100 Delta
35K Charlotte 3D A320-200 American
35H Laguardia E170 Delta
35G JFK 3D E170 Delta
35F Dallas (DFW) B737-800 American @IFWorldwideYT (Unregistered User)
35E Minneapolis B757-200 Delta @Parker-Jin
35D Boston 3D A320-200 American @itscay519
35C Tampa 3D B737-800 American @zhuTwentySix
35B Laguardia A320-200 American
35 Miami B737-800 American @CaptainE
37 Atlanta 3D A321-200 Delta @Huckabee9325
39 Los Angeles 3D B757-200 Delta
41 Philadelphia 3D A320-200 American
43 Durham CRJ-700 Delta
45 Los Angeles 3D A321-200 American @Andy_samuel
44C Salt Lake City B757-200 Delta @Edited_Arrow
42 Cincinatti CRJ-700 Delta
40 Omaha E170 Delta @travelingcornstalk
38 Boston 3D E170 Delta
36 Miami B737-800 American @AA_MIA
Terminal B/C (Alaska Airlines/JetBlue) - 7 Gates Remaining!
Gates Destination Aircraft Airline IFC Name
23 San Fransisco 3D A320-200 Alaska @infiniteryanair
25 Seattle 3D B737-800 Alaska
27 Orlando A220-300 JetBlue @Avaitor1
29 Los Angeles 3D B737-900 Alaska @Metro_Aviation
31 Boston 3D A220-300 JetBlue
33 Nassau E190 JetBlue
34 Fort Myers 3D E190 JetBlue @RickysAviationYT
32 Fort Lauderdale A320-200 JetBlue
30 Portland B737-800 Alaska
28 Seattle 3D A320-200 Alaska
26 San Juan A321-200 JetBlue
24 Seattle 3D B737-900 Alaska @Chillin907
Terminal B (Delta Airlines/United Airlines) - 9 Gates Remaining!
Gates Destination Aircraft Airline IFC Name
15 Chicago (ORD) B737-700 United
17 Denver 3D B737-800 (2019 Livery) United
19 JFK 3D A320-200 United @Se.Mal_aviation
21 Houston (IAH) B737-800 (Old Livery) United @Harrison_EGLL
22 San Fransisco 3D B737-800 (2019 Livery) United @Harrison_EGLL
20 JFK 3D E170 Delta
18 Cincinatti A320-200 Delta
16 Newark A320-200 United
14 Chicago (ORD) A320-100 United
12 Chicago (ORD) B737-800 (2019 Livery) United @bleu
11 Atlanta 3D B737-800 Delta @MikaL
10B Chicago (ORD) B737-800 United
10A Madison E170 Delta
Terminal A (Air Canada Express/Frontier/Southwest) - 11 Gates Remaining!
Gates Destination Aircraft Airline IFC Name Flight Time
Stand 101 Providence B737-700 Southwest
Stand 102 Jacksonville B737-700 Southwest
Stand 103 Denver 3D A321-200 Frontier
Stand 04 Tampa 3D B737-700 Southwest @Southwest_2115
Stand 03 Austin B737-800 Southwest
Stand 02 Dallas (Lovefield) B737-700 Southwest
Stand 01 Nashville B737-800 Southwest
Stand 106 Denver 3D A320-200 Frontier @AmtrakEngineerDEN
Stand 107 Kansas City B737-700 Southwest @IFWorldwideYT
Stand 105 Chicago (MDW) 3D B737-700 Southwest @A10f4ang
Banjo Stand 09 Montreal E175 Air Canada Express
Banjo Stand 08 Toronto 3D A220-300 Air Canada Express @Matt001
Banjo Stand 07 Ottawa 3D A220-300 Air Canada Express
Banjo Stand 06 Dallas (Lovefield) B737-800 Southwest
Banjo Stand 05 Houston (Hobby) 3D B737-700 Southwest
Banjo Stand 04 Toronto 3D A220-300 Air Canada Express @Maher_Madarati13
Banjo Stand 03 Montreal A220-300 Air Canada Express
Banjo Stand 02 Toronto 3D E175 Air Canada Express @the_ding
Banjo Stand 01 New Orleans B737-700 Southwest @Tom_Jennings


  • For ALL arriving aircraft, please arrive at around 15:30Z - 16:00Z as to avoid congestion
  • Make sure to follow all rules and come in realistic aircraft and liveries!
  • HAVE FUN!!! - Whilest also following rules ;)


For ATC Frequency(s) booking, please contact me through PM or comment under the post!

Atis Ground Tower Departure
@JSRibs28 @JSRibs28 @JSRibs28


  • Make sure to spawn in 10-15 mins prior to departure. Pushbacks will begin upon the event begining, make sure to spawn at correct gates as to avoid altercations.

  • If ATC is not present, make sure to use UNICOM proffesionaly and follow all rules of ATC server

  • Make sure to use ATC properly and BE PATIENT with ATC

  • Maintain Proffesionalism and realism at all times

  • We DO NOT take responsibility for any violations. You may try and appeal by messaging @appeals


Presented to you by: @IFWorldwideYT

Main Banner Image: flyreagan.com - History of Reagan National Airport

Gate List: @IFWorldwideYT

Event presentation/thread: @IFWorldwideYT

Design: @IFWorldwideYT

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Going or not?


Come and join along guys, i’m sure you’ll love it!!

Can I have this one and dude I was quick!

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Of course!! I’ll sign you up now!


I’ll be taking Southwest to KMCI!!


Would I be able to take ground, tower, and atis for this event?

IFATC Specialist,

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Yeah ofc bro! Glad to have you on board :)


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34 Fort Myers 3D E190 JetBlue my g

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awesome bro I’ll get you sorted rn :)


i would go for gate 23 but i’m only two thirds till level 2 so i’m not even close to expert (level 3 i think?). :((((((

also for air canada you wrote a220-200. i don’t think a -200 variant exists

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You’re right, that’s my bad ill change it now! Is there no way you can get grade 3 before the event!??!

@IFWorldwideYT can I take [A320][American Airline][Qantas 838VG]from KTPA to KDCA ?

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May I take this please?

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Ofc you can! I’ll sign you up rn :)


100% ill get that sorted rn!! :)


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Could I have a320 united to jfk? With a gate with a jet bridge

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i’m only 15 landings /25 landings till level 2 :(

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Could I get this one reserved please? According to FR24 Delta doesn’t have any B737s between DCA and ATL, only A320/321s. I’d like to fly the A320 here if that’s okay.

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Yeah ofc! I’ll sign you up rn bro :)


oh man I’m sorry :/