14MAY22 / 1500 welcome to the jungle @CAK3

Summary: The Delta Heritage Airport is a small grass strip airport south of Vancouver I invite everybody to bring their favorite Skyhawk or cub and have fun with me as we fly in and out practice our short field landings or just fly out for fun with Alaska to the north and Washington to the south this is truly going to be an amazing event hope to see you there no assignments required to join

Server: EXPERT

Airport: Delta Heritage Airpark CAK3

Time: 1500Z


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There will not be any ATC for this because this is a non towered airport so please use Unicom wisely

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I will definitely be there

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I’ll see what I can do! I might also bring in a C208 for “spectators” or “food and drinks”!!! So keep an eye out! I’ll definitely bring the X-Cub though if I can make it

Yeah that would be cool like bringing a 208 As a food truck plane

looking at the picture, if I really wanted to I could use less than half that distance. I’ve done some pretty cool things with it!

2 weeks till we have some fun

Oh yes count me in

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