14MAY22 / 1300Z - F1 Meets IF: European Adventure! @KMIA - LEBL


Welcome to the first flight of this event series! Formula 1 is is the highest class of international racing for open-wheel single-seater formula racing cars, sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The World Drivers’ Championship, which became the FIA Formula One World Championship in 1981, has been one of the premier forms of racing around the world since its inaugural season in 1950.

F1 is a motorsport competition with Sunday races all around the globe. Having a race every 1 or 2 weekends (almost all in different countries), I thought I’d be fun to fly to wherever the next Grand Prix is at the time. For example, if this weekend F1 races in Bahrain, and the next weekend they race in Jeddah, the event’s flight will be from Bahrain (OBBI) - Jeddah (OEJN). Check the F1 calendar at the bottom of this topic to have an idea of where we’ll be flying from / to next.

I really hope everyone joins and enjoys this event, it doesn’t matter if you like F1 or not, you just can’t miss the experience!

Date & Time:

Server: Expert

Route: KMIA - LEBL

Flight Time Estimation: 8 hours

Airline & Plane: American Airlines, Boeing 777-200ER / 777-300ER / 787-9

So here we are then, it’s time for me to present you the first flight of this series and it’s Barcelona where we are heading this time. Past next ahead 2022 Miami Grand Prix, taking place on May 8th, F1 moves back to home continent Europe for the season’s main tour there. The 2022 Spanish Grand Prix follows new to calendar Miami Circuit, and is ready to host another Grand Prix at Barcelona-Catalunya’s Circuit. Not being a good-memories generator for the fans, F1 expects the track to become one of those good racing producer, following new generation cars making its second appearance in Spanish lands after seeing light for the first time in the pre-season test held in this year February’s eve.

Departing at: 2022-05-14T13:00:00Z

Cruise Speed: 315kts / Mach 0.84

Cruising Altitude: 37,000ft / FL370

Vertical Speed: 2500ft/m

Flight Planning: Copy IFSHOTS1’s flight plan before departing

List of Attendants

(There’s no gate assignment)

  • Spawn 20 - 10 minutes before the event starts.
  • Gate choice at departure airport is at pilot’s discretion.
  • Behave and fly professionally during all the event.
  • If it’s the case, use Unicom frequency in an appropriate way.
  • If it’s the case, please follow every ATC instructions.
  • If there’s no ATC, please only take off when the ahead aircraft is 5 miles away from the airport as minimum.
  • During flight, maintain a distance of 10nm with the aircraft ahead as minimum, 20nm as maximum.
  • VNAV is required to be ON for descent.
  • Violations received during the event are your own responsibility.
  • Gate choice at arrival airport is at pilot’s discretion.

Events Format
  • The main purpose of this events is to have fun!

  • If the first flights are considered a success, events will continue.

  • I’ll send a message via IFC a few days before the flight to all the people that signed up for the event. You can clarify if you’d like me to keep notifying you about future events or ask me to keep you updated only on the current week’s flight.

  • Flights date & time are selected upon my availability. If there’s a rest week between races, that’s when the event will take place on. If we have back to back races, flights will most likely be scheduled for Friday’s at 1945Z.

  • Route selections are based on Grand Prix circuit’s closest big airport.

  • Airlines and planes are decided according to real life aviation. If an event’s flight exists in real life, participants are allowed to fly any plane they want as long as it belongs to any airline that operates the flight. If a real commercial / cargo flight does not exist between the event airports, pilots are allowed to select any aircraft they want as long as they use the livery of any airline that belongs to the departure / arrival country. Cargo planes are also an available option if the previous case happens.

  • Nothing in this topic tries to impersonate Infinite Flight, Formula 1 and their related enviroment.

FIA Formula 1 2022 Race Calendar. Check where we're heading next!

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Sorry mate but I can not do this one but I will try and attend the next one as this is a excellent idea

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Will do my best to join ! ;) Really nice and interesting event ! :)

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