14MAY20 / 1900Z - United in Brazil @ SBGR-KORD

United in Brazil

Hello, I will be designing flights from now on to help people in grade 2 advance to the expert server or people in grade 3 advance to grade 4 and finally get that beloved green nametag. I will try to do this every night so people will get at least 1 flight per day. I hope that this will grow to be a big sub-community in IF and that it will help a lot of people advance. So far, 2 people have moved on from grade 2 by joining these events. This is the fifth flight fo this series and today we will be hopping into United’s B772 and fly from Sao Paulo to Chicago. They also fly to Sao Paulo from Newark, Houston, and Washington Dulles. They are a very big competitor with Delta and American for the South American demand. United services this route with their B772 which is getting reworked. The new 777 is coming any week now so we will need to say goodbye to this model soon. I hope to see a lot of people there, remember to respect ATC or use Unicom appropriately, please spawn gates about 10-15 min before the STD.
Here is a link to the flight plan.
Have A Great Day!

Server: Training

Airport(s): SBGR/KORD

Aircraft: Boeing United 777-200ER

Time: 2020-05-14T19:00:00Z


  • Spawn about 10 minutes before the event starts
  • Act responsibly and listen to ATC
  • If someone has taken your gate just spawn at a nearby gate that isn’t assigned to anyone else.
  • We do fly on training server so unfortunately there is a possibility that there is already ATC. If you are assigned an ATC role I recommend going to the airport before people start spawning in.
Gate Assignments

|— | — | — | — |
|Gate 507|@Casp959er73
|Gate 508| @That_Guy14
|Gate 509| @Earl_Martindale
|Gate 510| @Nicolas_Dejoy
|Gate 511| @ORD777flyer
|Gate 601| @Anthony_Williams
|Gate 602| @Spencer_Clark
|Gate 603| @Owen_Fask
|Gate 604| @Robert_Vargas
|Gate 605|
|Gate 606|












Im in! @Casp959er73

You have been assigned gate 508. Look forward to seeing you

You know the word, let me in.

Won’t be able to attend tonight, sorry.

I’m in!!! @Casp959er73

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You have been assigned gate 510

I would like to volunteer to be ATC at SBGR as Gnd & Twr

you got it.


can you sign up @samdog27

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Very sorry, I won’t be able to attend! Best of luck! Looks like an amazing event!

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I’ll take a gate please

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Love how your username fits this even perfectly.

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Heheheh I know!!

Hey do you know which terminal/gate the flights from south america park arrive at?

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I’m I’m not quite sure. I think LATAM parks at terminal 2 and 3, but that’s not for sure. Thanks for signing me up!

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Gate 601 please. Chicago Native here.


Same here!!!