14MAR21 / 2000Z - [Completed!] The Oak City Flyout @ KOAK


Welcome to the Oakland Flyout!

Also sponsored by Alaska Virtual!

Welcome! This is my first event that I am the host of, and I could think of no better airport to do it at but Oakland International. Note: Some destinations are from pre-covid.

Event Details

Sever - Expert
Airport - Oakland INTL (KOAK)


Please use Unicom responsibly
If IFATC is present, please follow instructions
Wait your turn before pushback: I will send a PM with all PB instructions prior to the event
Last but not least: Have fun!

Airline and Terminal Info

Terminal 1

Norwegian Air

Terminal 2

Southwest (Exclusively)




Terminal 1
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot
01 Seattle/Tacoma [KSEA] Alaska E175*
03 Honolulu [PHNL] Alaska B739
04 Portland [KPDX] Alaska E175
05 Lihue [PHLI] Alaska B738
06 Bellingham [KBLI] Allegiant A320
07 Phoenix/Mesa [KIWA] Allegiant A320
08 Los Angeles [KLAX] Delta B739 @zacbrooks09
09 Atlanta [KATL] Delta 738/739 @zion89
10 Honolulu [PHNL] Hawaiian B767/A321
11 Guadalajara [MMGL] Volaris A319 @Lachlanavitor
12 London Gatwick [EGKK] Norwegian Air B787 @tjb0709
14 Las Vegas [KLAS] Spirit A321 @Tyduz
15 Denver [KDEN] Frontier A320/A321 @The_Real_Plane_Spott
17 Phoenix-Sky Harbor [KPHX] Frontier A320/A321
Terminal 2
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot
20 Baltimore/Washington [KBWI] Southwest B737/B738
21 Atlanta [KATL] Southwest B738 @N489DN
22 Honolulu [PHNL] Southwest B738 @Rylan_S1
23 Chicago-Midway [KMDW] Southwest B737
24 Kansas City [KMCI] Southwest B737
25 San Diego [KSAN] Southwest B738 @zand3r
26 Seattle [KSEA] Southwest B737/B738 @Mr-plane-guy1
27 Dallas-Love [KDAL] Southwest B738
29 New Orleans [KMSY] Southwest B737
30 Albuquerque [KABQ] Southwest B738
31 Salt Lake City [KSLC] Southwest B738
32 St. Louis [KSTL] Southwest B737
Remote Stands
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot
Your Choice!
S Remote Stand 1 [CYYZ] FedEx 777F @jetmanmatt
Cargo - FULL
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot
Ramp 1 Seattle [KSEA] FedEx 777F @akselyucel
Ramp 2 Memphis [KMEM] FedEx MD11/777F @CPT_Bambi (FedEx 705VA)
Ramp 3 Memphis [KMEM] FedEx MD11/777F @JHearnden_Jgun47 (FedEx 47VA)
Ramp 4 Memphis [KMEM] FedEx 777F @Kyle.Preuss (FedEx 55VA)
Ramp 5 Newark [KEWR] FedEx MD11/777F @NathanPreuss
Ramp 6 YOUR CHOICE FedEx MD11/777F @Lucasaviation
Ramp 9 Seattle [KSEA] FedEx MD11 @AirbusDriver (FedEx 777VA)
Ramp 10 Portland [KPDX] FedEx MD11 @CaptainOveur
Ramp 11 Seattle [KSEA] FedEx 777F @JerseyAnt
Ramp 12 Newark [KEWR] FedEx 777F @chazdawg8819 (FedEx 4VA)
Ramp 13 Anchorage [PANC] FedEx 777F @Captain_Piotr
Ramp 14 Memphis [KMEM] FedEx 777F @ELDEN_PLATENBERG
Ramp 15 Memphis [KMEM] FedEx MD-11F @Jason_M

Airport Charts

Terminal Map:

Thanks for checking out my event! Hope to see you there!

Shoutout to @Balloonchaser and @Darpan! Their tutorials helped me A TON on creating the event - Thanks, guys!


No Volaris to MMMD?

I can change the destination if you want!

That’s fine. I’ll grab a Remote stand. A320 Generic to Merida (MMMD)

Thank you :)

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You got it! Thanks for joining!

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Oh, The Airline operating will be Volaris :)

Oops! Sorry! I’ll get that changed.

|21|Atlanta [KATL]|Southwest|B738
I’ll have this one please.

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Got it! Thanks for signing up!

No worries, see you there.

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Requesting cargo ramp 15 FedEx MD11-F to KMEM please. for @Jason_M


Request ramp 14 for fedex 777 to kmem

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You both have been signed up! Thanks for joining!


B777F to PANC please

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may i do San Diego [KSAN] Southwest B738

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@crj_lover1 @Captain_Piotr you both have been signed up! See you there!

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Can I get Cargo Ramp 12, the 777 over to KEWR? FedEx 4VA, Chief Events Officer

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can i have this gate

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@chazdawg8819 @zion89 you both have been signed up! Thanks for joining!

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Thank u @The_Real_Plane_Spott

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