14MAR21 / 1800Z Mini Event Series 3! America in the Tropics! @ KEYW


Hey All! Welcome to another one of my events this time in the wonderful Florida Keys! I hope you all will enjoy it!

Event Info

Airport: KEYW
Server Expert
Date and TIme 1800Z or 2021-03-14T17:00:00Z
Note: Please spawn 15 minutes before the event starts and pushback 5 min after
the event starts.
We will use RWY 9

Airport Info

Key West Int’l airport is an International airport located in the City of Key West in Monroe County, Florida and 2 miles (3.2 km) east of the main commercial center of Key West. Flights departing from EYW often have weight restrictions, because the airport’s runway is only 5,076 feet (1,547 m) long. Its Aviation History Began in 1913 but didn’t have commercial flights until 1928 with Pam am. The airport has only had very minor incidents and a few hijackings that landed there.

Airport Charts


download (27)


This event is sponsored by The North American Pilots Club! Click on the link to Join the VA!


Main Terminal

6 gates left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
Alligiant A320 Orlando KSFB 01 @IF_KGRR
American A320 Dallas KDFW 02 @zion89
American A320 Philidelphia KPHL 03
Delta A319 Atlanta KATL 04 @ORD777flyer
Jetblue ERJ-190 Boston KBOS 05
Jetblue ERJ-190 John F Kennedy KJFK 06 @I-am-the-captain-now
United A320 Newark KEWR 07 @DeltaFox
United A320 Chicago KORD 08 @Dylan.Winklosky
United ERJ-170 Washington-Dulles KIAD 10 @Jukker
Silver Airways Q400 (Generic) Fort Lauderdale KFLL US customs 1
Silver Airways Q400 (Generic) Tampa KTPA US Customs 2
American CRJ-200 Miami KMIA East GA Ramp 1 @N489DN
American CRJ-200 Charlotte KCLT East GA Ramp 2 @Alex_Coffey
Delta CRJ-200 La Gardia KLGA East GA Ramp 3
United CRJ-200 Houston KIAH East GA Ramp 4


3 gates left will add more if needed

Gate Aircraft Route ICAO Pilot
GA West 1 CCX Atlanta Fulton KFTY @United2
GA West 2
GA West 3 CCX Worchester KORH @Butter1
GA West 4 CCX St.Petersburg KPIE @Johhhn
GA West 5 CCX Las Vegas KLAS @Nightt
GA West 6
GA West 7 TBM-930 Toluca MMTO @Rich_PJ
GA West 8
GA West 9 TBM Miami Executive KTMB @MainSky
GA West 10 SR22 Nassau MYNN @David_Mullen

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I’ll take this one please

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Thank you sir!

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@ORD777flyer your welcome! (didn’t even give me time to respond lol)

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Lol hahahaha your so welcome

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I’ll take this one 😉


Ah @IF_KGRR I was expecting you…(welcome aboard!)


Lol, nice event too

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Can I get this gate in a CCX going to KFTY?

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Thanks @IF_KGRR!

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@United2 You have been added thanks for joining!

Can I have this gate

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@zion89 you have been signed up thanks for joining!

thank u see u at the event

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I’ll take this one!

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@I-am-the-captain-now you have been signed up thanks for joining!

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Hi again Delta Fox ;)

I‘d like to take Gate 10 to KIAD.

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Hello again @Jukker!

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Could I take this gate please?

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@Dylan.Winklosky you have been signed up thanks for joining!

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