14MAR21 / 0900Z - Spotting and Fill-In @ CYYZ

Aircraft and Livery: Any, but ideally make sure that the livery flies to Toronto in real life.

Route: CYYZ (No Departure) in maintenance hangars and remote gates

Time of Departure: Starting at 0900 until you get bored

Server: Expert

Do you have a spare device that you usually run Infinite Flight on, but won’t be using at some point this morning? Are you interested in helping provide realism for other pilots without having to do anything? Read on!

I haven’t had very much time to fly as of late, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy keeping tabs on things in development and on the forum. I was thinking I could fly a long-haul this evening, but decided that it wouldn’t quite work based on my schedule. So, I thought that since I won’t need my iPad for a bit, I could do something a little more creative.

As such, I bring you a spur of the moment realism/spotting event. How does it work?

(1) Grab an aircraft and a livery that flies to CYYZ in real life.

(2) Grab an open remote gate or hanger and hang out for a bit!

Use that time to spot some arrivals and get a great replay file for some photos later. Or, if you’re arriving at CYYZ from a long haul, tow yourself to the remote gates and hang around for a little bit longer as opposed to exiting immediately. Whatever floats your boat (or airplane). You don’t even need to monitor your device as long as your engines are off and you are in a non-traffic area. So go do something else knowing you’re providing a cool experience for other pilots!

This event has a two-fold objective: One, it gives you a fun replay (or live!) spotting session in Infinite Flight. Two, it gives those people arriving over the course of the day tomorrow a more realistic experience with planes filling some of the lighter trafficked areas of the airport (in maintenance or sitting in the remote gates).

Now I chose CYYZ since there will be a lot of activity tomorrow for ATC Choice day. However, that means that it is important we don’t block operations. So make sure you grab gates that aren’t going to be Grand Central during tomorrow’s rush hour. As an example, I’m currently in the Air Canada maintenance hanger in a Air Canada 777 as “M-AINT” so ATC knows I’m not moving.

Mods, if you don’t like this idea, or @Tyler_Shelton if you feel this will impact operations too much, feel free to close/de-list as necessary. I don’t expect many to show up to just sit around, but I’m hoping this’ll add to the fun at CYYZ tomorrow. Also I’ll be afk until I get up in the morning, so I’ll check back then to see how things are going. Have fun!


It would be the joke of the century if the mods closed this topic simply because they didn’t like this idea. x)

And as luck would have it, I’m on a flight from RJTT to CYYZ and I’m supposed to land at 0900Z! So count on me, I’ll be there! (callsign: Air Canada 354 Heavy)


Haha more in terms of if this event were to negatively impact operations and therefore shouldn’t proceed. And great! Look forward to seeing you at the remote gates

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Bumping this once - I’m still going to be around Toronto for a while longer! There’s been some great traffic movements with the high number of operations

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