14JUN20 / 1700Z - A Midlands Flyout @ EGBB

Airport: Birmingham International Airport (EGBB)
Server: Expert Server
Time: 2020-06-14T17:00:00Z
Notams: IFATC will be requested but not guaranteed


Birmingham Airport is used by a variety of carriers and is a great airport to host an event at. This event will give an insight of Birmingham’s routes to Europe, America and beyond.

The Elmdon apron is used for an occasional FedEx 757 from Manchester and Paris CDG. The attendees on this area along with the Monarch Hangar will receive special taxi instructions prior to spawn in.

Please scroll down to see the Gates, Destinations and Airlines and drop a reply to reserve your gate. Gates will be reserved on a First Come First Serve basis.

If the event receives a high demand, a second wave may be added.

Choose from some amazing routes from airlines including Ryanair, Tui and Flybe.

About Birmingham International Airport

Birmingham International Airport (IATA:BHX, ICAO:EGBB) is an international airport serving the West Midlands. On the outbreak of World War II, the airport was operated by the RAF and known as Raf Elmdon. The airport is located 7 nautical miles south of the city of Birmingham. Originally called Elmdon, the airport was renamed Birmingham International after an increase in holidays in the late 1980s. It mainly servers the Caribbean, North Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

In 2018, Birmingham was the 7th busiest airport in the UK. The 3rd busiest outside of London and 2nd in England. It transported around 12.5million passengers with around 112,000 aircraft movements. Both down from the previous year. Source - Wikipedia

Airlines that serve Birmingham include, Tui, Jet2, Emirates, Ryanair and the now defunct British regional airline Flybe.

Gates and Routes

We politely ask you to spawn in to the airport at you allocated gate at 1650z/17:50BST. Please ensure that you do spawn at the correct gate. If IFATC are active, follow all instructions at all time and most of all HAVE FUN!!

Domestic Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Flight Time Pilot
01 Flybe E195 Amsterdam EHAM 1:00 TBA
02 Flybe Dash-8 Glasgow EGPF 1:00 @Bradgibbs01
03 Flybe E195 Edinburgh EGPH 1:00 TBA
04 Ryanair B737-800 Dublin EIDW 1:00 TBA
05 Ryanair B737-800 Malaga LEMG 2:55 TBA
06 Ryanair B737-800 Faro LPFR 2:50 TBA
07 Ryanair B737-800 Dublin EIDW 1:00 @AviatorNikola
08R Flybe Dash-8 Jersey EGJJ 1:20 TBA
08L Flybe Dash-8 Belfast EGAC 1:10 TBA
10 Flybe E195 Dusseldorf EDDL 1:35 TBA
11 Flybe Dash-8 Knock EIKN 1:35 TBA
12 Flybe E195 Inverness EGPE 1:30 TBA
13 Ryanair B737-800 Corfu LGKR 3:25 TBA
14 Ryanair B737-800 Bratislava LZIB 2:30 TBA
15 Ryanair B737-800 Tenerife GCTS 4:20 TBA
16 Ryanair B737-800 Verona LIPX 2:15 TBA
20 Flybe Dash-8 Isle of Man EGNS 0:55 @anon77793723
21 Flybe E195 Aberdeen EGPD 1:30 TBA
22 Ryanair B737-800 Porto LPPR 2:20 TBA
23 Ryanair B737-800 Luqa LMML 3:30 TBA
24 Ryanair B737-800 Alicante LEAL 2:40 @Zak_Plant
25 Ryanair B737-800 Gran Canaria GCLP 4:15 TBA
International Pier
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Flight Time Pilot
40 KLM B737-900 Amsterdam EHAM 1:00 TBA
41C Qatar Airways B787-8 Doha OTHH 7:00 @Igor_M
42C PIA B777-200LR Islamabad OPIS 7:50 TBA
54C Emirates A380 Dubai OMDB 7:00 @Shiv
55C TUI B787-9 Cancun MMUN 9:00 @John_Ryan1
56C TUI B787-8 Punta Cana MDPC 8:00 TBA
57C TUI B787-9 Orlando KSFB 8:00 TBA
58 Easyjet A320 Belfast EGAA 1:00 TBA
59 Aer Lingus A320 Dublin EIDW 1:00 TBA
60 Air France A320 Paris CDG LFPG 1:00 @FloAviation
Remote Stands
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Flight Time Pilot
70 Thomson/Tui B757-200 Innsbruck LOWI 2:00 @Kieran_Ratcliffe
71 Tui B737-800 Bodrum LTFE 4:00 TBA
72 Tui B737-800 Chamberry LFLB 2:00 TBA
73 Tui B737-800 Marrakesh GMMX 3:30 TBA
74 Thomson/Tui B757-200 Naples LIRN 2:45 TBA
75 Tui B737-800 Ibiza LEIB 2:30 TBA
76 Easyjet A319 Glasgow EGPF 1:00 TBA
77 Jet2 B737-800 Dubrovnik LDDU 2:40 TBA
80 Jet2 B737-800 Skiathos LGSK 4:00 TBA
81 Jet2 B737-800 Lanzarote GCRR 4:00 TBA
82 Jet2 B737-800 Dalaman LTBS 4:00 TBA
83L Wizz Air A320 Budapest LHBP 2:30 TBA
83R Wizz Air A321 Warsaw EPWA 1:55 TBA
84C Air India B787-8 Delhi VIDP 9:00 @Cloudrush
85L Turkish Airlines B737-900 Istanbul LTFM 4:00 TBA
85R SAS A320 Copenhagen EKCH 2:00 TBA
86C Air India B787-8 Amritsar VIAR 9:00 TBA
Monarch Hangar
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Flight Time Pilot
Monarch Hangar 01 Oman Air B787-8 Muscat OOMS 7:00 TBA
Monarch Hangar 02 Air Austral B787-8 Saint-Denis FMEE 12:00 TBA
Maint 505 Norwegian B787-9 Oslo ENGM 1:30 TBA
Elmdon Apron
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Flight Time Pilot
Cargo 504C DHL B757-200 Toulouse LFBO 2:00 TBA
Stand 503 Private A318 Tarbes LFBT 2:00 @ToasterStroodie
Stand 502 Icelandair B757-200 Keflavik BIKF 2:30 TBA
Stand 501 Private Citation X Abu Dhabi OMAA 7:00 TBA


Event Sponsor - Tui Virtual

TUI Virtual is excited for the opportunity to sponsor this exciting and amazing Fly Out from EGBB. Special thanks to our Director Of Flight Operations, Zak Plant, for all his hard work on this event. TUI Virtual is excited to be able to provide opportunities to all pilots throughout the IFC community, including those not affiliated with any VAs. Please join us for this, and other opportunities, to join us on a fun flight from a challenging airport. All are welcome to enjoy, with no strings attached. Click Here to Join Tui

Departure Information and Guidelines

Departure information will be updated and found here on the morning of the event and will be updated 1hr prior to the event in a pm.

  • Please spawn at your assigned gate 10 minutes before departure
  • Please only Pushback when the aircraft next you has began its taxi and is clear of you. Pushback in any order as long as you are clear of other aircraft
  • If IFATC is active, follow all instructions, this could be enforced by ghosting. If IFATC is not active, you must announce all movements on UNICOM. I am not responsible for any violations received during this
  • Flight plan should be made by the pilot, I personally recommend FplToIF
  • Remain aware of surroundings at all times as the airport will be busy, do not cut in line, no intersection departures. Keep a safe distance with aircraft ahead whilst taxiing at all times!!
  • Pilots may use SIDs, charts for the runway in use will be posted in the pm prior to the event.
  • Take off after the aircraft in front reaches 2500 AGL

Look forward to seeing you all! Happy Flying! :)


Hi, please could you sign me up for gate 54C to OMDB , callsign EKVA215


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Added @Shiv


I’ll take this one please

Callsign: EZYVA104

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I assume thats the Belfast gate

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Oh… it is yes lol, not sure what happened there with the quoting 🤣

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Dont worry. Youve been added

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gate 70 please TUI if not available any other TUI gate

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Hey there, gate to Doha for me please, thanks!

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@Kieran_Ratcliffe and @Igor_M both added

ill take this

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Will be added shortly

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I will take this gate please, thank you

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25 is yours

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84R Air India to VIDP please.

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Added. Btw its 84C

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Gonna bump this every 2 days so it doesnt get lost in the forum

Can I take 55c to Cancun please TUIV103

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That will be yours

I’ll take Stand 503 please, thanks!

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