14JUN20 / 0100Z - A Long haul with the B787 @WMKK-OERK

Aircraft : B789 Saudia

Route: Copy FPL from @BritishAirways001 WMKK - OERK

Flight time : 8 hours and 30 min to 9 hours

Time of Departure: 2020-07-15T01:00:00Z


IFATC : There might be IFATC in WMKK and OERK

Additional Information: Altitude will be FL420 we will step climb to FL420 After take off climb to FL320 VS 2200 then from FL320 To FL360 VS 1800 to FL420 VS 1200 feel free to join if the gate you choose is unavailable please spawn somewhere near the group flight thanks

Nice Event! There is one problem tho. In group flights you can not assign gates. Please review the following guidelines.

Anyone would like to join

Iā€™m assuming you meant WMKK

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Yep I think I wrote it wrong

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