14JUN20 / 0000Z - Connecting some of the largest Airport Hubs together! @WSSS - @EDDF

Hello there! I am Plexi Playz and this is my first ever Live Event.
Today, we will be taking a look on Singapore Changi Airport and Frankfurt. In IF, Singapore Changi and Frankfurt are rarely alive. So today, lets make Singapore and Frankfurt Live on IF

About the Airports…


Changi airport is a major airport serving Singapore. It is one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia serving more than 63 million people in 2019.


Frankfurt am Main Airport is a major international airport located in Frankfurt, the fifth-largest city of Germany and one of the world’s leading financial centres. It is operated by Fraport and serves as the main hub for Lufthansa including Lufthansa CityLine and Lufthansa Cargo as well as Condor and AeroLogic.

Event Details


Expert Server


WSSS (Singapore Changi) and EDDF (Frankfurt)

Time and Date

2020-06-14T00:00:00Z Automatically changes to your timezone

Aircraft and Livery

Lufthansa - Boeing 747-400

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

Flight Details
(Both Aircrafts)

Flight time

About 10 hour 30 minutes - 11 hours 30 minutes


Runway 02L

Climb speed

250 knots till 10,000ft || 305 knots till FL280 || mach 0.82 till FL360

Climb profile

2500fpm till 10,000ft || 2000fpm till FL360 (cruise alt)

Cruise details

Speed: mach 0.82 || Altitude: FL360 (36,000ft)


Descent at -1500fpm 220nm from airport. (adjust if necessary)


Runway 25C


Singapore Airlines
Gate Call sign Participant
Gate A21 SVA3518 @Plexi_Playz
Gate A20 TG7183 @That_Guy14
Gate A19 RISHI @PocketRishi
Gate A18 Captain Harrison @charrison
Gate A17 QVA @Jacklcsm
Gate A16 Qantas 2308 @Infinite_Josh
Gate A15
Gate A14
Gate A13
Gate A12
Gate A11
Gate A10
Gate A09
Gate A05
Gate A04
Gate A03
Gate A02
Gate A01
Gate Call sign Participant
Gate B01
Gate B02
Gate B03
Gate B04
Gate B05
Gate B06
Gate B07
Gate B08
Gate B09
Gate B10
Gate C01
Gate C20
Gate C22
Gate C23
Gate C24
Gate C25
Gate C26 P-INGU @Pingu








You must be spawned atleast 15 mins before pushback.


Pushback will be one by one starting from Gate A21 till Gate C26 (Singapore Airlines first). Start pushback when there is no aircraft behind you. if ATC is present, then request pushback permission unless the person to the right of you has started moving…


For pilots: Please Obey IFATC instructions if present. If not, please use Unicom properly. DO NOT SPAM
For ATC: if you read this and if this is possible, please allow pushback in order starting from gate A21 till gate C26. Thank you IFATC

Flight Plan

Copy from @Plexi_Playz (PLEXI)

Thats it! There is nothing else down here! To sign up, just quote your gate and reply to this Post with your callsign! Enjoy!

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I can provide ATC :)

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Thank you… I will sign you up. Although, currently. Nobody has signed up yet

What ATC is available at what time

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The frankfurt ground and tower. Singapore ground and tower is taken

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What time do I do EDDF ATC? (Arrival Time)

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unsure yet. most likely 12hr 30minutes after departure so maybe around 8pm for 1hr and 30mins

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ah okay I can’t do that, though you can put me on standby for WSSS ATC cause I can do 0000Z, incase Starz can’t make it

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Hey sorry guys but I think I will change it to expert server… sorry

Looks like an interesting thread, is it from WSSS to EDDF or vice versa?

I’m only asking because the cruising altitude suggests you are flying East however the runways suggest you are flying West??

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Oh sorry a mistakeo… thanks for spotting it… yes we will be flying west to EDDF (Frankfurt)… would you like to sign up?

The time isn’t ideal for me as you set off at 1am local, so unfortunately not

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It’s ok sure

Hey, looks like a fun event! Can I take gate C26 in the Lufthansa 747-400? My callsign will be P-INGU. Thanks!

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Awesome! Cool

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Loved the thread! Has everything you can ask for! Sorry I’m not sure if I can join yet so I’ll let you know later.

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I’d love to join! Can you please put me down for gate A20?

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Sure! I will put you down… what’s your call sign?

It’s ok! Have a great day ahead!

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