14JUL23 / 1800Z - Fly-Out @KASE

@anon36731834 why are you a Q400 lol

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i didn’t even realize this was happening

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Might wanna escape before it starts lol

or i’ll just wait it out, not to intrude

Alright thanks, that works

we have quite a few people spawned in already, but for those who aren’t, please spawn in!

@f1430 @Captain_Lolz @Aviator_PdJ @United403 @Sufii @NvAviator @IFlyer @George_Alazar @Lingling89 @Infinite_Flight_Bra1 @plane_guy12 @yenier_Rodriguez

Let’s get this party started everyone, you can now depart whenever, it seems the ATC has not shown up yet to just use Unicom, safe travels!


Change of plans, I’m heading to Flagstaff

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My controls glitches out again

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Well, that was beautiful! ⭐️

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Yes that was great, thank you to all who attending it was great seeing so many people at such a small airport, pictures to come soon!


I am very sorry for not attending, I had something come up last minute

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Oh no worries man, these things happen

Thx @Cole_Woodard for the Event

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Yup, making the next one now

Decending into Chicago in a few minutes!!! Also thanks for the great event!

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Yup, hope you had a nice flight!

Hey everybody, hope you enjoyed the Flyout! Here’s my next event here:

Some pictures from the Flyout:

Group Selfie!

Me, @SWA1997 and @Captain_Lolz

@f1430 kicked us off with the first departure
@Nicholas_Thiemonge was next
@Ken_wei departure

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