14JAN22 / 2200Z - Flyout of the Guam @ PGUM

Hi! Is it possible to modify the destination to Shanghai for one of the United 737 flights (like they used to do)? If so I’d love a spot!

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Yea sure, i’ll change it for you

Hi guys, @Okeanos @MainSky @MiglMicheal @JerryC @KSM_King_Storm @HUMVEE @L-19BirdDogDriver , Im currently feeling unwell, if my condition improves in less than 12 hours I will try to come. Don’t forget to follow the rules of the game, even though there’s no IFATC just in case.

enjoy and take care of your health, guys!


That’s sad but obviously you’re healt is more important so get well soon @ouzi

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Thanks mate, i bit better now than before…

Could I get a gate in a united B738 to Chuck, thanks.

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Am I the only one at the event?

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Sorry you guys, I’m not feeling well so can’t come.

Hi, @Wrigley sorry for the late response, the event is ended now. This topic can be closed :)