14JAN21 / 1900Z - Channex Takeover @ EGCC

Jet2.com is a low cost British holiday airline with their main base at Leeds Bradford Airport. Jet2 began conquering the skies of the UK and Europe in October 2002. Currently the airline operates a mixed fleet at 90 aircraft ranging from the Boeing 737-300 and -800 to the 757-200! Annually Jet2 flies around 14 million bases from their 13 operational bases in the U.K. and Europe.

Manchester is in the heart of Northern England and is the gateway to the world for the North. Manchester operates to a wide variety of destinations to Europe, The Middle East and beyond! Jet2 use Manchester as their largest base with the variety of movements being Boeing 737-800’s and Boeing 757’s with the occasional Airbus A321 (G-HYLF). Currently, Jet2 have split their operations between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 Manchester operates two main runways these are 23R/05L and 23L/05R

Date: Thursday 14th January 2021
Airport: Manchester Airport / EGCC
Airline: Jet2.com
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 or Boeing 757-200
Server: Training

NOTAM: During the event, ATC shall be in use. Please can all pilots follow instructions from the controller. Also we will also be attempting to be using realistic runway and departure procedures. Charts can be found below

Airfield Charts


Terminal 1

Gate: 27
Aircraft: 757-200
Callsign: EXS75H
Destination: Faro
Pilot: @ZCreaser

Gate: 29
Aircraft: 757-200
Callsign: Channex 781
Destination: Nice

Gate: 26
Aircraft: B752
Callsign: B-LSM
Destination: EFHK
Pilot: @Fung_Sum-sum

Terminal 2

To register your place in the event, please comment below with the following details

Gate Number
Aircraft Type

Looking forward to see the skies of Europe being conquered by Team Channex, happy landings!


Hi there. I think this topic is more suitable in #live:events

This needs to be in the #live:events subcategory :)

And I can’t join because I am in grade 2 :(

Hello there!

This event looks amazing however I am not sure what time it is at as it says XXXXZ In the title. Also you said ATC “Shall” me available, there is no confirmation on this till the schedule is posted. Only unique and well organized events will be staffed.

Also, I recommend making the table of gates for your event

How do I make the table? Was trying to figure it out

Changed to training server

Fixed time and changed to the training server

Can I take terminal 1 gate 26?

Sure. What’s your aircraft, destination and call sign?

Aircraft: B752
Callsign: B-LSM
Dest: EFHK

Hi! This event sounds good, so here is my plan:

Gate: 29 (terminal 1)
Aircraft: 757-200
Callsign: Channex 781
Destination: Nice


Done my mate

What time the event starts?

1900Z UK time

Gate Number 25
Aircraft Type 757
Callsign shamrock 005
Destination EIDW

Thank you :)

Hi there I’ll join
Gate: Terminal 1 Gate 24
Aircraft: 737
Callsign: EI-342
Destination Paris Charles


If you guys don’t get answer (i am not the host) you can still come! See you there.

can I be CHannex 794 to pula on a 737?
give me any gate in terminal 1