14hr + sunlight

There i was flying fedx dc10f from KIND - RJBB i had to make a stop-over at panc to refuel since the aircraft range was limited for that route’ i used current time settings but to my suprise it was sunlight all the way for the 14hrs i flew " though im not on that timezone but i felt something is off is it a bug or thats what that region offers in terms of 14plus hr sunlight?

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As you’re flying west you’d be flying technically ‘back in time’ through timezones. This means often long flights can be fully daylight when travelling west, but have a full night cycle when travelling East on a 6hr cross-Atlantic flight for example.


You are probably ‘chasing the moon’ or ‘chasing the sun’. If you are flying west when the sun is up, you will probably have sunlight for much longer than what you would have on the ground because the sun moves from east to west and you are flying west so you are kinda ‘chasing the sun’. Obviously this won’t be forever as the plane is much slower than the speed that earth rotates but does have a noticeable difference on day or night time. If any part of this is wrong, let me know.

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I should try this one time

That makes sense thanks a lot…

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