14hr+ flights

Looking for 14hr+ flights to do

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This site can help you decide, just enter where you want to go and how much time :)


I like to do Atlanta to Johannesburg, Delta’s longest flight. It gets you about 15 hours.

Any region you prefer flying to?

Check for ULRs here :

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Asia and Europe

Dubai to lax. Should be around 15 hours.

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SFO-SIN. United livery is beautiful on this route. :)

The fact that we just got scenery for Singapore is an added bonus

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Ok I’ll try them out

LAX to DXB👍🏽

YSSY/YMML to KLAX/KSFO and vis versa. Departing Australia is 16 hours while going back is 14.


Doha To LosAngles! A nice flight!
For realism
Qatar Airways Boeing B777-200LR
Flight time Is 15:30 hours to 16:00 depends on your speed and winds.

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Look Up some of some routes for more info.
From West/Mid West USA(Asia)
From East/Mid East USA
I’ll find more on flights 14+hrs to/from Europe later

Atlanta To Johannesburg, try this one.
Delta Air Lines

Try these.

LAX-SYD cuts it close

14 hours

VHHH to KJFK, my favourite overnight XP grinder. About 14.5 hours.

If CYYZ happens to be open today then maybe CYYZ to VHHH as well, also around 14.5 hours.


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YPPH TO EGLL, This was featured in the last FNF, It’s a great route to experience it was a total flight time of about 16:45 mins