14FEB21 / 1900Z - A GA Flyout On An Island? Yep! @KAVX

Hosted By TheFlyingGuy1

About The Event

Welcome to my Catalina Island Event. I’m sure you have heard of Catalina Island either because you’ve been there or from Apple. It is a beautiful island which houses a small municipal airport in between two cliffs. We will all fly out of this small airport, do a few loops until everything takes off and then break away towards our destinations!

About The Airport

Catalina Airport (IATA: AVX, ICAO: KAVX) is a small privately owned airport that serves Catalina Island. It is open to the public and only GA is allowed to fly there. The airport has a 3000x60ft concrete runway with cliffs on both sides. The runway is very uneven making it dangerous. The airfield is at an elevation of 1,602ft. There have been over 23,000 airport operations since it’s opening!

The Island

Santa Catalina Island is a small island located about 29 miles from the coast of California. It measures about 22x8mi is size. The highest point is 2,097ft above the ocean. The island has a population of only about 5,000 people! Most of the people there are actually visitors. Catalina is a huge place for people to go on boats since is is a quick 1-2 hours hop across the ocean. It is a beautiful island with clean water and amazing places to see wildlife!

Server: Expert

Airport: KAVX

Time: 2/14/21 @ 1900Z



  • Spawn into your own gate
  • Follow all procedures
  • Use Unicom 122.7
  • No trolling
  • Spawn in 10 minutes early

You are responsible for your own flight plan. I am not responsible for violations or reports during this event.

Airport Chart


Tie Downs

Main Tie Downs
Tie Down # Aircraft Destination Pilot
01 C172 KBFL @Tsumia
02 C208 KPSP @Kansas_Scotty
04 TBM9 KSMO @Luke_B
05 CC19 KHHR @IF_Pacific
11 TBM9 KMMH @NuggetFornia
12 SR22 KTOA @bbrockairbus
Grass Tie Downs
GrassTie Down # Aircraft Destination Pilot

Thank You For Checking Out My Event!


1st Photo: Me
2nd Photo: FSX Insider
3rd Photo: Love Catalina Island
4th Photo: SkyVector

Catalina Airport: Wikipedia
Santa Catalina Island: Wikipedia


I’d like to take Tiedown 11, TBM-930 to KMMH

Oooh yes. Any spawn for me to KBFL in the 172, please!

Awesome. Your signed up!

Your signed up in Tie Down 01

Could I have the next main tie down please. I will be flying a C-208 to Palm Springs (KPSP).

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I’ll take this in a Cirrus SR22 to KTOA

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Can I have main tie down number two? To Palm Springs in a TBM-930

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Can I please have this spot? XCub to KHHR

You are signed up. I’m really sorry for the delay

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Your all signed up

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Not completely sure If i can come but can I take Tie down 4 in a TBM to KSMO?

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Yep! Your all signed up!

Your in!

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Let’s get more signups!

Could I get Main Tie Down 3 with the same flight as @Tsumia please?

Hi, @TheFlyingGuy1.
I am sorry, but I will probably not make it to the event. The winter weather in Texas is causing problems with my internet access, and Sunday looks bad.

Any stand, XCub, local flying, returning to AVX, call sign N76VT.

I’ll go ahead and take stand 8.

Thanks for the event @TheFlyingGuy1. Enjoyed it!

Any gate in the C172 please. I’ll be flying to TOA.