14FEB21 / 1800Z - The New England Flyout! @KBOS

Hey everyone! this event will be in Boston this time around! I’ve been very excited to do this one. anyways, about the airport. an international airport that is located mostly in East Boston and partially in Winthrop, Massachusetts, United States. It opened in 1923, covers 2,384 acres (965 ha), has six runways and four passenger terminals, and employs an estimated 16,000 people. It is the largest airport in both the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the New England region in terms of passenger volume and cargo handling, the 16th-busiest airport in the United States, as well as the busiest airport in the Northeast outside the New York metropolitan area. The airport saw 42,522,411 passengers in 2019, the most in its history. It is named after General Edward Lawrence Logan, a 20th-century war hero native to Boston. Logan has non-stop service to destinations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbean, the North Atlantic region including Bermuda and the Azores, Europe, Africa, and Asia. BOS is the northeastern hub for Cape Air and is the secondary Transatlantic hub for Delta Air Lines, serving several destinations in Europe. It is also an operating base for JetBlue. American and United also carry out significant operations from the airport, including daily transcontinental flights. All of the major U.S. air carriers offer flights from Boston to all or the majority of their primary and secondary hubs.

Training Server


1800Z 2021-02-14T18:00:00Z




Airport Layout



Terminal A
Airline      Aircraft        Route        Gate       Pilot
Delta        ERJ-170     La Guardia KLGA   A1
Delta        ERJ-170 Raleigh-Durham KRDU   A2
Delta        ERJ-170 John F Kennedy KJFK   A3
Delta        A319           Detroit KDTW   A4      
Delta        757-200    Los Angeles KLAX   A5
Delta        A321    Salt Lake City KSLC   A6
Delta        A320             Tampa KTPA   A7
Delta        A320           Orlando KMCO   A8        
Delta        717            Atlanta KATL   A9
Delta        A319       Minneapolis KMSP   A10
Delta        A350           Seattle KSEA   A11       @Da-la_nay
Delta        757-200      Cleveland KCLE   A13       @BonaireDude
Delta        A320    Fort Lauderdale KFLL  A14
Delta        757-200     Montego Bay MKJS  A15
WestJet      737-700         Calgary CYYC  A16
Delta        CRJ-900      Cinncinati KCVG  A17
Delta        ERJ-170       Nashville KBNA  A18
Delta        A319         Pittsburgh KPIT  A19
Terminal B
Airline     Aircraft       Route        Gate       Pilot
Air Canada   ERJ-175     Montreal CYUL   B1
Air Canada   ERJ-175      Toronto CYYZ   B2
American     CRJ-200 Philidelphia KPHL   B4  
American     A319      Washington KDCA   B6
American     737-800      Charolette KCLT   B7 @XxNightFlyerxX
American     CRJ-700      Chicago KORD   B8        @zion89
American     737-800        Miami KMIA   B9A
American     737-800       Dallas KDFW   B10       @Aviation2929
American     A321         Phoenix KPHX   B11
American     A319      La Guardia KLGA   B12
United       737-700       Dulles KIAD   B23       @IF_KGRR
United       ERJ-170      Chicago KORD   B24
United       737-900      Houston KIAH   B25
United       757-200      Orlando KMCO   B26
United       737-900       Denver KDEN   B27
United       737-800       Newark KEWR   B28
Southwest    737-800    Baltimore KBWI   B31       @United.sandwitch
Southwest    737-700      Chicago KMDW   B32       @SWA1997
Southwest    737-700    Nashville KBNA   B33       @Dylan.Winklosky
Alaska       737-900      Seattle KSEA   B36
Spirit       A321         Orlando KMCO   B37  
Spirit       A321 Fort Lauderdale KFLL   B38
Terminal C

Use Sea Blue Livery for TBM/Cape air and use Mario’s air Livery/Cape air

Airline    Aircraft          Route       Gate           Pilot
Jetblue    A321          San Juan TJSJ    C8
Jetblue    A320   Fort Lauderdale KFLL    C9
Jetblue    A321       Los Angeles KLAX    C10
Jetblue    ERJ-190 John F Kennedy KJFK    C11           @M_Billy
Jetblue    A320        Washington KDCA    C12
Jetblue    ERJ-190   Jacksonville KJAX    C14
Jetblue    A320             Tampa KTPA    C15
Jetblue    ERJ-190      Sarasosta KSRQ    C16
Jetblue    A320            Hayden KHDN    C17
Jetblue    A320           Bozeman KBZN    C18           @Plane_guy12
Jetblue    A320          Montrose KMTJ    C19
Jetblue    A321     San Fransisco KSFO    C20
Jetblue    ERJ-190      Charlotte KCLT    C21
Jetblue    ERJ-190        Buffalo KBUF    C25
Jetblue    A321           Orlando KMCO    C26
Jetblue    ERJ-190         Nassau MYNN    C28           @DeltaFox
Jetblue    A321            Denver KDEN    C29
Jetblue    A320   West Palm Beach KPBI    C30
Jetblue    ERJ-190      Richmound KRIC    C31
Jetblue    ERJ-190       Savannah KSAV    C32
Jetblue    ERJ-190       New York JFK     C33           @Plix
Jetblue    ERJ-190     Pittsburgh KPIT    C34
Jetblue    A321         Las Vegas KLAS    C36           
Aer Lingus 757-200         Dublin EIDW    C40           @WilsonLYT
TAP        A330            Lisbon LPPT    C41
Cape Air  TBM      Bar Harbor KBHB Cape Air Stand 01
Cape Air  C208 Martha's Vineyard KMVY Cape Air Stand 02 @mcgregni
Cape Air  TBM       Nantucket KACK Cape Air Stand 03
Cape Air  TBM         Hyannis KHYA Cape Air Stand 03
Cape Air  TBM         Augusts KAUG Cape Air Stand 04
Cape Air  TBM         Lebanon KLEB Cape Air Stand 05
Cape Air  C208        Rutland KRUT Cape Air Stand 06
Cape Air  C208    Saranac Lake KSLK Cape Air Stand 07
Cape Air  TBM       Rockland KRKD Cape Air Stand 07
Terminal E
Airline     Aircraft       Route      Gate      Pilot
Jetblue     A321        Cancun MMUN    E1       @Lucason60fps
Frontier    A320         Miami KMIA    E2
Hawaiian    767       Honolulu PHNL    E3
Emirates    777-300ER    Dubai OMDB    E4      
JAL         787-9        Tokyo RJAA    E5
Qatar       A350          Doha OTHH    E6
Turkish     777-300ER Istanbul LTFM    E7
Virgin      787-9       London EGLL    E8       @Ahmed1
Icelandair  757-200   Keflavik BIKF    E9       @Jukker
Lufthansa   A340     Frankfurt EDDF    E10
Swiss       A340        Zurich LSZH    E11
British     A350        London EGLL    E12      

Thanks for checking out my event!


I want to go so much, but I sleep then. I hope you have a good event. :)

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thanks! sorry to hear it’s too late for you.

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I’ll take B10 please

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@Aviation2929 you have been added thanks for joining!

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Can I get gate C36 to Vegas please?

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Yup, thanks for joining!

Can I have this one please? Thanks!

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@Da-la_nay you have been added thanks for joining!

This one please!

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@United.sandwitch your added thank you for joining!

the events a few weeks away lets get some more sign ups!

Can i take this pls? Nice event

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Can I be the G/T?

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Can I please do ATC

I think @Fung_Sum-sum is doing it

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I’m more professional than him :)

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I will take Jet Blue to JFK

Can I please take Jet Blue E190 to KJFK

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Can I take this one please? Great event by the way, I’m really excited to do a flyout at my home airport!

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