14FEB21 / 1800Z - Northern Mexico Flyout @ MMMY

Welcome to Monterrey, on the State of Nuevo Leon, In Mexico. In this event we are leaving off Mariano Escobedo International (in honor to the General Mariano Escobedo); another busy airport, in fact, is the 4th busiest airport in Mexico. Is the main Hub for the Low-Cost airline VivaAerobus, the charter airline Magnicharters and the regional airline and subsidiary of Aeromexico: Aeromexico Connect. Is also a focus city of Volaris. There are almost 300 flights per day, serving more that 35 destinations in Mexico, Latin America and the United States, but in this flyout we’ll have 2 gates reserved for long-haul flights.


(Terminal B)

Server: Expert Server
Date & Time: 2021-02-14T18:00:00Z
Airport: Mariano Escobedo Intl (MMMY)

  1. Be respectful with others: don’t troll, don’t spam and don’t disrespect obviously.
  2. Use Unicom correctly. If the case that IFATC picks the event, follow their instructions. Im not responsible on violations or reports that you recieve.
  3. Maintain a least 5nm between depatures and arrivals
  4. NOTAM: The following aircraft will NOT be allowed: B747-8, A359 & A388
  5. This airport can accomodate a few heavies only.
  6. Have fun!

Airport diagram:

Terminal A (Red)

Use generic livery for: Magnicharters & TAR

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
D01 Volaris A319 Cancun MMUN
D02 Volaris A319 Guadalajara MMGL
D03 Magnicharters B737 Mazatlán MMMZ
D04 TAR CRJ-700 Queretaro MMQT
D05 Volaris A319 Mexico City MMMX
D06 United B752 Chicago O’ Hare KORD
D07 Copa Airlines B738 Panama Tocumen MPTO
D08 Volaris A319 Tijuana MMTJ
D09 American Eagle CRJ-900 Miami KMIA @zion89
D10 United Express CRJ-700 Houston KIAH
D11 Volaris A319 Merida MMMD
D12 TAR CRJ-700 Durango MMDO
D13 Magnicharters B737 Orlando KMCO
D14 American Eagle CRJ-700 Dallas Forth Worth KDFW
D16 Volaris A319 Puerto Vallarta MMPR

Terminal B (Blue) 3 REMAINING!!!

Use Generic livery for Aeromexico E190

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
B201 Delta B738 Atlanta KATL @Marco_Rdz
B203 Aeromexico E190 Mexico City MMMX
B206 Delta B738 Detroit Metro KDTW @Nee
B208 Aeromexico B737 Los Angeles KLAX
B211 Aeromexico B788 Tokio-Narita via Tijuana RJAA via MMTJ @AliAlex

Terminal C (Green)

All flights are operated by VivaAerobus (it shows “Maintenance Apron F #”)

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
F01 VivaAerobus A320 Acapulco MMAA
F05 VivaAerobus A320 Oaxaca MMOX
F11 VivaAerobus A320 Cozumel MMCZ @Mateo_CD
F13 VivaAerobus A320 Culiacán MMCL
F15 VivaAerobus A320 San Antonio KSAT
F17 VivaAerobus A320 Mexico City MMMX @aviation.mst
F19 VivaAerobus A320 Los Angeles KLAX
F23 VivaAerobus A320 Mexicali MMML

Cargo (Orange)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
W02 DHL B77F Cincinnati KCVG
W05 FedEx B77F Memphis KMEM
W07 UPS B752 Austin-Bergstrom KAUS
W09 FedEx MD-11F London Heathrow EGLL

Remote Stands (Purple)

Part of Terminal B. Use Generic livery for Aeromexico E190

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
B250 Aeromexico B737 Las Vegas KLAS
B252 Aeromexico B737 Denver KDEN
B253 Delta B738 Orlando KMCO
B254 Aeromexico E190 Leon El Bajío MMLO

General Aviation (Black)

Choose a stand & plane. Please let me know if you are going to do pattern work. Fighters allowed

Apron Aircraft Patern work Pilot
G01 (Small GA Aircraft)
G03 (Small GA Aircraft)
G04 (Small GA Aircraft)
G05 (No larger than CitationX)
G06 (Small GA Aircraft)
G07 (No larger than CitationX)
G08 (Small GA Aircraft)
G09 (Small GA Aircraft)

Let’s get signups for the event!!! Hope to see you there and Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!! ❤



Have a great event! I am sleeping then :(


Thanks mate For you appreciation :)

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Good routes and choices I’ll chose mine soon.

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Great to hear. Just let me know and I’ll sign you up (if no because Im sleeping)

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Can I have this gate

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First Signup of the event!!!

Welcome to Monterrey @zion89. You will love the beautiful views of the mountains :)

Seriously don’t get confused with “Monterey” in California please :)

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I’ll take this one please.

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New signup!!!

Thanks @Nee for joining and welcome to Monterrey :)

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Sharing some best things to do in Monterrey. Is a touristic city too :)

B201 Delta B738 Atlanta KATL can i have this one please :)

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New signup!!!

@Marco_Rdz I really appreciate that you join. Bienvenido a Monterrey. Have a nice flight and take care :)

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Lets get more signups for Monterrey :)

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F17 VivaAerobus A320 Mexico City MMMX
I would like to participate with this flight!

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New Signup!!!

Welcome to the community @aviation.mst. You have been added and thanks for joining. Welcome to Monterrey :)

Gates available. Come in :)


3 Weeks and 1 day until the event.

Grab your gates. We have a lot remaining

Hello can I please have gate B211?
Aeromexico B788 RJAA via MMTJ

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2 Long hauls remaining!!!

Welcome to Monterrey @AliAlex. Thanks for coming :)

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Thank you! I love MMMY

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