14FEB21 / 1300Z - GAVA and CXVA Present: Exploring Asia Vol.2 @ VHHH

Hello IFC!
New month, new event! Welcome back to the second event of our monthly event series featuring the continent of Asia. Once again, every pilot is welcome to join, you do not need to be a part of any VA/VO to take part. This time, we are partnering with @CathayPacificVA on a trip between two megacities, Hong Kong and Manila. So - once again - we are looking forward to you joining us on our trip through Asia!

Event Specifics

Date: February 14th, 2021
Departure Time: 1300Z (spawn 15 minutes prior)
Departure Airport: Hong Kong
Arrival Airport: Manila
Flight Time: 1:35
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
Livery: Cathay Pacific
Server: Expert

Gate Assignments

More gates will be added if necessary so don’t be afraid to sign up even if the event seems full!

Gate Pilot Callsign
Gate N20 @Sean_McCormack Indonesia 002VA
Gate N22 @Arish_Mehta Indonesia 005VA
Gate N24 @JeTaW Indonesia 120VA
Gate N26 @Syncline Indonesia 003VA
Gate N28 @SolaRDu Cathay 113VA
Gate N30 @BritishAirways001 Cathay 104VA
Gate N32 @Spider Indonesia 108VA
Gate N34 @Fat_Albert_512 Fat Albert 512
Gate N36 @LucaChoi Cathay 11
Gate N60
Gate N62
Gate N64
Gate N66

Flight Information

Before Pushback
  • Fuel: 42, 700 lbs
  • Passengers: 85
  • Cargo: 7, 700 lbs
  • Flight Plan: Copy from Indonesia 002VA
Pushback and Taxi
  • Pushback in order of gate assignments
  • Start Pushback once person ahead is taxiing
  • Taxi no faster than 20kts in straights, 10kts in turns
Takeoff and Climb
  • Takeoff Runway: 25R
  • Start Takeoff once person ahead has reached 2000ft AGL
  • V1: 134kts VR: 139kts V2: 143kts
  • Climb Rate: 3000fpm until FL100 / 2500fpm until FL200 / 2000fpm until FL300 / 1500fpm to Cruise
  • Climb Speeds: 240kts until FL100 / 315kts until FL280 / M0.85 until Cruise
  • Cruise Altitude: FL410
  • Cruise Speed: M0.85
Descent and Landing
  • TOD: Refer to VNAV
  • Landing Runway: 06
  • After Landing Exit Left and follow the others to the gate

This event is brought to you by Garuda Indonesia Virtual and Cathay Pacific Virtual. Check out our threads below:
Garuda Indonesia Virtual
Cathay Pacific Virtual

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board 😎


Sign me up please! Indonesia 005VA!

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You’re signed up 😎

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Sign me up as Indonesia 003VA please

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Are CX pilots registered here too? If it is here,sign me up as Cathay 113VA please!

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Can I have this gate my call sign is CXVA 104

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@Syncline @BritishAirways001 all signed up

@SolaRDu yessir CXVA are very welcome 😎 you’re signed up as well!!


Sign me up as Indonesia 108VA please

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Signed up! Thanks for joining

Sign me up please! Indonesia 120VA

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Signed up! Thank you for attending!

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Does it matter which callsign i use? If not, then sign me up with Fat Albert 512

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All signed up! Any callsign is welcome :)

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Cathay11, please

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Signed up! Thanks for coming!

Sorry I won’t make it to the event

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No problem :)

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