14AUG22 @ 1600Z | IFGA x Finnair Virtual present: Escape to the sunny weather!


Welcome to @ifglobalaviators’s and @FinnairVA‘s
partnered event!

We hope to have you with us!

Introduction IFGA

Here at IFGA we strive to fly to a standard above and beyond expected of Infinite Flight pilots.
We fly with skill and precision that is unrivalled in the infinite flight community.
These two values allow us to perform an impressive standard of professionalism and courtesy which sets us apart from other groups.
We also offer an extensive team of talented and dedicated staff and moderators to ensure that our pilots have the best possible experience with us.
So why not join us and see what else we have to offer and see how flying with us is!

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Introduction Finnair Virtual

Finnair Virtual was founded by @Hardlanding_Hussain on June 26th, 2020. From that moment on, our VA has been continuously growing with more pilots and partnerships, always striving to keep realism and professionalism top of mind

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Event Information

Escape to the sunny weather

An IFGA and Finnair Virtual Event

IFGA will lead this Event followed by Finnair Virtual

Date & Time
14th August - 16:00Z

Expert Server

Helsini Vantaa Intl. EFHK → Dubrovnik LDDU

Estimated Flighttime
3hrs +/-

Aircraft & Airline
Airbus A321-200 - Finnair

Flight Information

⬇️ Required To Follow ⬇️

Flight Level - FL380
Climb Profile - 250/295/M0.79
VS - 2500/1500

FUEL QTY - 3:40hrs
PAX/CARGO - Up to pilot

Departure - EFHK

Arrival - LDDU
ARR RWY - 29
Approach - Visual Approach
(see below)


Gate Assignment

Please note that several Terminal 1 gates are reserved for IFGA and Finnair Virtual members

Please sign up in the following format:

Gate - Callisgn

Terminal 1
IFGA x Finnair Virtual

Gate Status Pilot Callsign
Gate 11 Taken @Pilot_Aaltonen Finnair 1VA
Gate 12 Taken @MikaL Finnair 6VA
Gate 13 Taken @AntonFI Finnair 156VA
Gate 14 Reserved for Finnair Virtual
Gate 15 Reserved for Finnair Virtual
Gate 17 Taken @ykaviation Infinite Flight 04GA
Gate 18 Taken @IF.Maks IFGA-15
Gate 19 Taken @AhtapotAK … 74GA
Gate 20 Taken @Pilot_Nidhal … 45GA
Gate 21 Taken @infiniteflight_bali … 95GA
Gate 22 Taken @Bjornnn … 70GA

Terminal 2
Infinite Flight community

Gate Status Pilot Callsign
Gate 11 Taken @Aviation_Jerry Stinger 112
Gate 12 Taken @mildredAV M-ILES
Gate 13 Taken @CaptainCameronYT G-CMRN
Gate 14 Taken @RickysAviationYT R-ICKY
Gate 15 Taken @the_ding
Gate 16 available
Gate 17 available

More gates will be added if needed


IFGA and Finnair Virtual will not take any responsibility for any reports or violations

Please fly professional and follow Expert server rules

Please follow all ATC instructions

Please follow all instructions given for and throughout the event

Please maintain a 10-15nm spacing at all times

Please spawn 15 minutes prior to event

That‘s it!

We hope to have you with us and are looking forward to this!

See you there!


May I be the first one to sign up please call sign Stinger 112

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Sure thing, thanks for signing up!

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Looks fun I am thinking about it

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Please reserve this gate for me. Callsign Finnair 1VA.

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Signed you up!

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Requesting Gate 12 for Finnair 6VA.

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Grrrreat. Can I have a gate too? Callsign Finnair 156va

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Can I get the gate 12 of Terminal 2

Why there are 2 events on 14th August…It will be difficult to join both events lol.

I’ll take this


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Sure, signed you up now!

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I need a callsign please😄

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Hey I just realized that I can’t join because I will be flying

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So great to fly with guys, lets hope few more will join us 😎❤️


Okay, thanks anyways! Safe flight :)

Lets get more Signups!

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Still plently of gates left, you‘ll like this event a lot!

The visual approach will be very fun to fly

This looks fun, can I have this gate, callsign M-ILES


Hey, can i take gate 13 With G-CMRN?