14AUG21 / 1830Z - Jeddah Flyout @ OEJN


Server: Expert Server

Airport: OEJN, Jeddah King AbdulAziz Int’l

Time: 2021-08-14T17:30:00Z

There will be only one wave for this event. We hope to have a wide range of routes and aircraft present at the event. Please take a look at the extra information below, if you would like to participate in the event, simply comment your aircraft, livery and route…


We prefer to have majorly more SAUDIA aircraft present at the event (A319, 77W, 787, MD11F) but any other airline is also fine.

Please be reminded that OEJN is a 3D airport and a fantastic one at that! We still require ATC for the event, so if you are IFATC qualified then please let me know!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Terminal 1

Picture by @Thifal_Attaullah


All further information shall be released after 3 signups

Sign me up

Sure. Please tell me your route and your aircraft

Addis ababa b777

Great! See you there! I’m guessing you’ll be taking Ethiopian airways?

No saudia 777 gate

Ok. See u there

Can you atleast put credit for me? Thats my picture for SVVA

Sorry yes. I thought I did

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