14AUG21 / 1830Z - Airshow at Milan - @ LIMC

  • Aircraft and Livery : F-14 default
  • Route : LIMC-LIMC
  • Time of Departure : 1830 UTC
  • Server : Training
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I will come in 30 minutes right

And why don’t we do any military aircraft and one or 2 people at a time

To preform RIR up to 15 minutes

Yep, see you then!

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Can I do a C130

Fat Albert?

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Well I was going to do the Hurricane hunter one

And we should do 15 minute time slots

Or whatever you want sorry I am kinda taking over

No, really it is fine, I am fine with whatever!

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Ok is all 3 of us doing it

Yes, correct, we need more people though

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I will ask @RyMan & @Wesley_Fry

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Ok, spawn as close to runway 35L as possible pls!

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I will wait until you join!

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Where are you?

I crashed I am coming

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