14AUG21 / 17:00Z - Air Europa Virtual Bursting out of Barcelona @ LEBL

You’ve been removed from your flight :)

Can i take this one?

You’ve been signed up!

Air Europa VA

There’s 2 weeks until the event!

Gates are still available, grab them now!


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I’ll take this gate and flight

I would like to take this one

Your all signed up, enjoy the route!

Can i change to this flight and have an A320?

Sure thing!

You’ve been signed up!

Switch me to this plz

Done! See you there!

Lots more gates still available! Sign up for this great event!

Hello i take this one, thanks

Your all signed up, enjoy the route!

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The Event is tomorrow! Come and sign up, there’s some great short, medium and long haul routes!

I join the flight that goes to Bogota

|American Airlines|T1 Gate 291|New York|KJFK|B772

can i have this one please?

Your all signed up, enjoy the route!