14AUG21 / 17:00Z - Air Europa Virtual Bursting out of Barcelona @ LEBL

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Bursting out of barcelona

Event Description

Welcome to another Air Europa Virtual event! We are hosting a fly out from LEBL - Barcelona. There are lots of destinations that pilots can choose whether you are wanting to fly a short, medium or long haul route.

Everyone is invited to this event, and we are excited to see which routes you all choose.

About Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona–El Prat Airport is the second largest and second busiest airport in Spain, it is also the sixth busiest airport in Europe. It is located 15 km (9.3 mi) southwest of the centre of Barcelona. There are approximately 89 airlines operating out of Barcelona Airport, 70% of these are low-cost airlines. Some of these low-cost airlines are Vueling, Easyjet , Ryanair, Norwegian, Iberia, Lufthansa, Air Europa and Wizz Air. It is also an important hub for airlines with direct connections to the United States, Canada, South America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
In 2019 52,686,314 million passengers travelled through Barcelona Airport. Due to travel restrictions imposed in 2020 meant that approximately 12.7 million passengers travelled through Barcelona Airport.

Why did I choose Barcelona?

The scenery throughout the whole of Spain is amazing. Barcelona has several attractions to see some of these being the Sagrada Familia, The Magic Fountain and The Palace. Barcelona offers many domestic destinations as well as many international destinations. Barcelona is the main HUB for Vueling and LEVEL, it is also the Focus City for Air Europa, EasyJet, Iberia and Ryanair.

event details

Server: Expert
Airport: LEBL - Barcelona
Time and Date 2021-08-14T17:00:00Z


The departing runways for each terminal will be announced on the day of the event.

ATC: Tower, Ground and ATIS → @Noxu

Gate assigmemtS

Terminal 1 Gates

Terminal 1 Assignments
Airline T/Gate Destination City Airport Aircraft IFC Pilot
Air Europa T1 Gate 273 Madrid LEMD B789 @Hamid_RB
Air Europa T1 Gate 272 Palma de Mallorca LEPA B738 @DaniCP
Air Europa T1 Gate 276 Mahon LEMH E195
Aegean Airlines T1 Gate 262 Athens LGAV A320
Finnair T1 Gate 260 Helsinki EFHK A321
Aeroflot T1 Gate 258 Moscow UUEE A321
Aeroflot T1 Gate 256 St. Petersburg ULLI A320
Air Algerie T1 Gate 254 Algier DAAG B737
AirFrance T1 Gate 252 Paris LFPG A320
Alitalia T1 Gate 250 Rome LIRF A319
Alitalia T1 Gate 248 Milan LIML A319
American Airlines T1 Gate 277 Miami KMIA B772
American Airlines T1 Gate 281 Chicago KORD B789
American Airlines T1 Gate 285 Charlotte Douglas KCLT B772
American Airlines T1 Gate 287 Philadelphia KPHL B772
American Airlines T1 Gate 291 New York KJFK B772 @IF-CHILE
Austrian T1 Remote 421 Vienna LOWW E195
Avianca T1 Gate 270 Bogota SKBO A330 @Lautaro_Leiva
Brussels T1 Gate 212 Brussels EBBR A320
Delta T1 Gate 274 New York KJFK B767
Egypt Air T1 Gate 247 Cairo HECA B738
El Al Airlines T1 Gate 246 Tel Aviv LLBG B738
Emirates T1 Gate 295 Dubai OMDB B77W
Etihad T1 Gate 268 Abu Dhabi OMAA B789
Terminal 1 Assignments
Airline T/Gate Destination City Airport Aircraft IFC Pilot
Iberia T1 Gate 232 Madrid LEMD A321
Iberia T1 Gate 230 Badajoz LEBZ A321
Iberia T1 Gate 224 San Francisco KSFO A359
Iberia T1 Gate 226 Buenos Aires SAEZ A333
KLM T1 Gate 244 Amsterdam EHAM B738 @John370
LOT T1 Remote 400 Warsaw EPWA E195
Lufthansa T1 Gate 238 Munich EDDM A319
Lufthansa T1 Gate 242 Frankfurt EDDF A320
Qatar T1 Gate 266 Doha OTHH B789
Royal Air Maroc T1 Remote 410 Casablanca GMMN B738 @Captain_Yousef
Royal Air Maroc T1 Remote 412 Tangier GMTT B738
SAS T1 Remote 414 Copenhagen EKCH A320
SAS T1 Remote 425 Stockholm ESSA A320
Singapore Airlines T1 Gate 200 Milan LIMC A359 @Kaselyat53
SWISS T1 Gate 264 Zurich LSZH A321 @HUMVEE
TAP Portugal T1 Remote 420 Lisbon LPPT A320
Vueling T1 Gate 206 Hannover EDDV A320
Vueling T1 Gate 208 Gran Canaria GCLP A320
Vueling T1 Gate 210 Tenerife North GCXO A320
Vueling T1 Gate 218 London Gatwick EGKK A320
Vueling T1 Remote 300 Malaga LEMG A320 @_ikerpa_8
Vueling T1 Remote 304 Oslo ENGM A320
Vueling T1 Remote 314 Venice LIPZ A320
British Airways T1 Remote 340 London Heathrow EGLL A320
Turkish Airlines T1 Gate 202 Istanbul LTFM A330 @askrdl
LATAM T1 Gate 204 Sao Paulo SBGR B77W @Othman_Asli

Terminal 2 Gates

Terminal 2 Assignments
Airline T/Gate Destination City Airport Aircraft IFC Pilot
Aer Lingus T2 Gate 128 Dublin EIDW A320
Air Arabia T2 Gate 126 Casablanca GMMN A320
Air Arabia T2 Gate 127 Tangier GMTT A320
Air Baltic T2 Gate 129 Riga EVRA Dash-8
Air Serbia T2 Remote Stand 91 Belgrade LYBE A320
Easyjet T2 Gate 100 Paris LFPG A320
Easyjet T2 Gate 101 Milan LIMC A320
Easyjet T2 Gate 102 Salzburg LOWS A319
Easyjet T2 Gate 103 Geneva LSGG A320 @Tom_Jennings
Easyjet T2 Gate 104 Basel LFSB A320
Easyjet T2 Gate 105 Copenhagen EKCH A320
Easyjet T2 Gate 106 Lyon LFLL A319
Easyjet T2 Gate 107 Berlin EDDB A320
Eurowings T2 Remote 92 Cologne EDDK A320
Eurowings T2 Remote 93 Stuttgart EDDS A319
Ryanair T2 Gate 108 East Midlands EGNX B738
Ryanair T2 Gate 109 Riga EVRA B738
Ryanair T2 Gate 110 Ibiza LEIB B738
Ryanair T2 Gate 111 London Stansted EGSS B738
Ryanair T2 Gate 112 Berlin EDDB B738
Ryanair T2 Gate 113 Sofia LBSF B738
Ryanair T2 Gate 114 Corfu LGKR B738
Terminal 2 Assignments
Airline T/Gate Destination City Airport Aircraft IFC Pilot
Ryanair T2 Gate 115 Manchester EGCC B738
Ryanair T2 Gate 116 Dublin EIDW B738
Ryanair T2 Gate 117 Malaga LEMG B738 @MrJackT14
Ryanair T2 Gate 118 Budapest LHBP B738
Ryanair T2 Gate 119 Fuerteventura GCFV B738
Ryanair T2 Gate 120 Edinburgh EGPH B738
Ukraine T2 Remote 94 Kyiv UKBB B739
Wizzair T2 Remote 81 Budapest LHBP A320
Wizzair T2 Remote 82 Cluj-Napoca LRCL A321
Wizzair T2 Remote 83 Bucharest LROP A321
Wizzair T2 Remote 84 Vienna LOWW A321
Wizzair T2 Remote 85 Katowice EPKT A321
Norwegian T2 Gate 124 Copenhagen EKCH B738
Norwegian T2 Gate 125 Stockholm ESSA B738
Transavia T2 Gate 121 Eindhoven EHEH B738
Transavia T2 Gate 122 Rotterdam EHRD B738
Luxair T2 Remote 96 Luxembourg ELLX Dash-8

Event and Thread created by Air Europa Virtual
I hope you all enjoy this event!

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Nice one again! KLM T1 to EHAM please!


Great event😉

You’re signed up! Enjoy your flight with us!

Air Europa Virtual

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Can I get this one please?

You’ve been signed up! Enjoy your flight :)

Air Europa Virtual

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Could the one from T1 Vueling to Malaga?

You’ve got it! Enjoy the flight :)

Air Europa Virtual

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Apologies, just noticed I got the date muddled up so can you cancel that assignment please? Thanks

Sure thing!

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Sign me here please. This is gonna be a nice event!! :)

Your all signed up Dani! You are right, it’s going to be a great event!

Founder & CEO
Air Europa Virtual

20 Days to go! :)

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It’s going to be great event!

If you haven’t signed up yet, please sign up!

Hi, can i change my flight from this one

To this one?

Thanks :)


Your route has been changed.

Air Europa Virtual

Come and sign up and choose some destinations work the A333!

I’ll take T1 Gate 295 to Dubai please.

Your all signed up, enjoy your route to Dubai.


I unfortunately can’t come now.